This 4K HDRi monitor is now my benchmark for gaming on both console and PC!

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Traditionally gaming console setups are parked in living rooms.The BenQ MOBUIZ EX2710U monitor might be what we need to combine our PC and console gaming station. It goes all the way up to 144Hz refresh rate and resolution of 3840×2160 at an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a response time of 1ms.  Being 4K UHD with multiple ports on the monitor is a great feature to have.

We get to leave our PC and consoles plugged in to the monitor and just switch inputs conveniently on the monitor itself. There are 2 HDMI 2.1 ports and a DisplayPort 1.4 along with a 3.5mm headphone jack available. It also includes a USB hub too so your computer peripherals can be plugged into the monitor.

Multiple inputs and a USB hub is a great convenience 

BenQ’s latest MOBIUZ offering comes in two sizes: EX2710U(27 inch) and EX3210U(32 inch). HDRi, BenQ’s native intelligent and adaptive technology allows for stunning colour rendition. HDRi is able to optimize the HDR effect based on lighting conditions in your location. For non-HDR content, HDRi will emulate and output great colours on screen.

Having a go at AAA titles with high detailed graphics

Thanks to BenQ’s Light Tuner, details are automatically enhanced in darker scenes. Scenario mapping also allows you to pair each Quick OSD preset with an input. This allows you to have a different preset for the HDMI input that your PlayStation is hooked up to from the DisplayPort for your gaming PC setup. Super convenient!

The AI noise-cancelling microphone allows directional pickup of only your voice, which means that distracting background sounds are filtered out. Passing traffic from across your street or ambient chatter won’t be heard by the rest of your team chat. Yay to uninterrupted gameplay!

Microphone can be tuned to user’s preference

It also comes equipped with 2.1 channel speakers that’s calibrated by treVolo, offering immersive sound out of the box. Less clutter for your minimalist desktop setup.

The monitor also comes with a handy remote controller that allows you to change the settings and inputs so you don’t have to keep reaching over to the bottom of the monitor. Fancy lights at the back of the monitor might not be a game changer for some but it definitely helps with the cool and futuristic aesthetic that ramps up any gaming setup. 

Speakers tuned by treVolo along with fancy backlighting options

The MOBIUZ gaming monitor also comes in two sizes in case you prefer different screen sizes. All-in-all, especially with its AI noise-canceling microphone for better gaming experience, the MOBIUZ monitor serves as a great all-in-one solution as a gaming monitor for both PC and gaming consoles. Visit BenQ MOBIUZ here.

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