2024 is Shaping Up to be an Exciting Year with Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is welcoming some fun new updates and titles into its fold in Jan & Feb!

Crayola Create and Play+: 12 Jan 2024

Crayola Create and Play+ will be updated on 12 January 2024 to kick off Crayola’s annual Creativity Week to feature a beautiful winter wonderland-themed makeover, including a limited-time winter skin for the Rainbow Rush activity.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure: 19 Jan 2024

The 2023 App Store Award winner, Hello Kitty Island Adventure will be updated on 19 January 2024 to officially welcome the Year of the Dragon with its Luck & Lanterns Celebration. A special dragon will fly over Friendship Island, leaving behind precious dragon pearls which are a sign of good luck. Players can gather dragon pearls for special rewards all throughout the celebration.

BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team (Oh BiBi): 1 Feb 2024

This exciting 3v3 online action game will feature distinct heroes and dynamic gameplay, taking players on a cosmic adventure in a fascinating sci-fi universe filled with vivid, stylized graphics and breathtaking animations. The game features animal heroes piloting powerful armours known as BEASTs, and players can seamlessly switch between agile PET and powerful BEAST forms.

Words in Progress (Gamious): 1 Feb 2024

Words in Progress features seven letters vertically aligned on the screen, leaving it up to players to combine these letters into words. Complete exciting challenges and explore the three game modes (Endless, Practice, and Multiplayer) on your daily commute to work!

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Pricing & Availability

Apple Arcade is available for S$9.98 per month with a one-month free trial.


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