FastGig is Singapore’s first app for finding gig jobs

The gig economy work has been steadily gaining popularity in Singapore for some years before the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated growth. It has become a lifeline keeping many workers afloat, especially those who were retrenched.

FastCo, the company behind the popular FastJobs job portal, foresees continued growth in this segment and thus has launched FastGig officially. This app is Singapore’s first “workforce as a service” (WaaS) platform.

It aims to help match qualified flexible workers with businesses looking to solve headcount constraints and labour shortage, especially during seasonal peaks.

Julian Tan, FastCo’s founder and CEO, said: “We are excited to embark on this journey to help address a critical gap in the current economy.”

Julian Tan, FastCo’s founder and CEO. (Photo: FastCo)

Mr Tan said, with FastGig, FastCo has created a robust platform that will allow for greater job flexibility for both workers and businesses. “We believe FastGig will thoroughly transform Singapore’s gig economy,” he said.

Users can easily register for the FastGig platform, with existing FastJobs users able to access the platform without additional registration. Once on the platform, users can select job listings via available locations and time-slots on a day-to-day basis. Gig workers are free to plan their own schedules, choosing to work according to their availability and convenience.

The simplicity of the FastGig platform extends to its streamlined payment process. There is no need to fill timesheets, as users clock in with a simple scan of a QR code using the FastGig app. Users will be paid directly on a weekly basis.

To date, FastGig has worked with dozens of credible businesses to bridge their staffing gap, fulfilling over 160,000 man hours. These businesses include FairPrice, Domino’s Pizza Singapore, and Phoon Huat. They have used FastGig to scale their operations during seasonal peaks such as Christmas and Lunar New Year.

Julia Chong, human capital management of Domino’s Pizza Singapore, said: “Tapping on FastGig’s pool of reliable gig workers has helped us develop a blended workforce that can better accommodate seasonal peaks.”

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