Sony Confirms Handheld Device for Streaming PS5 Games

During Sony’s PlayStation Showcase livestream on Wednesday, among numerous game trailers, the company took a brief moment to unveil two new hardware products. The most captivating of these is tentatively named Project Q, although its final name is yet to be determined. The significance of Project Q lies in its confirmation of a longstanding rumour—a new PlayStation handheld is on the horizon.

The primary focus of this device will be streaming. Sony emphasizes that it will enable users to stream any non-VR game from a local PlayStation 5 console via Wi-Fi using Remote Play. However, it should be noted that the handheld itself will not have the capability to independently play games; its purpose lies solely in facilitating streaming functionality.

Remote Play is a service Sony has already been offering on other devices for some time. By syncing a DualSense controller with macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android devices, users can stream their games over Wi-Fi or the internet, although the latter option presents certain challenges related to latency.

Regarding Project Q’s specifications, it features an 8-inch HD screen and incorporates “all the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller.”

Sony also unveiled its intentions to introduce Bluetooth earbuds resembling AirPods, which will have the capability to connect simultaneously to a PlayStation console, mobile devices, and PCs.

As of now, specific details regarding the release dates, pricing, and even the name of the earbuds are yet to be announced. Likewise, the handheld device’s name remains temporary, indicating that it’s still in the early stages of development. These announcements primarily serve as a declaration of PlayStation’s plans and goals, rather than providing comprehensive information at this stage.


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