TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair – Yay or Nay?

We’re living in a time where gamers sit for hours on end grinding on their quests, so it’s essential that the chairs that they are sitting on are ergonomic and offer the best support. TTRacing has sent us their Swift X Pro Air gaming chair, and the one were looking at today is upholstered in the beautiful Dusk fabric.  

First and foremost, TTracing offers two different upholsteries, firstly being the fabric in two colours, Dawn and Dusk, and also in PU that comes in 5 colours, Black, Red, Grey, Brown and Stealth. The fabric upholstery feels cool even after sitting for a whole day, which is a huge plus, especially in the country’s tropical climate. I don’t have to worry about a sweaty back or bum, which for me is unfortunately a common occurance.

Padded Adjustable Armrests

The padded foam adjustable armrest is very new to me but is a welcome feature. Traditionally, armrests come in leather or just regular plastic. These armrests from TTRacing feel luxurious and supple, giving me a comfort that I didn’t know I needed. Wrapped in premium velour, they offer a cloud-like embrace.

Personally for me, I tend to indulge myself in some casual gaming at the end of a long work day. And I can definitely benefit from having a comfortable chair to sit on. On some days of the week where my workdays are from home, I get to also benefit from having a chair with padded armrests and a spacious seating area. 

Flexible Reclining Capability

TTRacing ’s Swift X Pro is capable of going 135° reclining ability, combined with sophisticated tilt functions, ensuring both comfort and stability. Perfect for the more relaxed part of the day where I just want to relax and recline while enjoying my shows or just unwinding to relaxing music.

The Swift X Pro features a Heavy Duty Class 4 SGS Certified Hydraulic System. This advanced hydraulic system, according to TTRacing has undergone rigorous testing and certification by SGS, a globally recognized leader in inspection and certification. It ensures smooth and effortless height adjustments while offering exceptional durability and stability. Designed to withstand the rigours of intensive use, it is ideal for gamers, professionals, and anyone seeking a robust and reliable seating solution.

Nylon Wheelset

Last and certainly not least, the wheels. Often overlooked, these are made from high-quality nylon, allowing for durability and resilience while ensuring seamless transitions and protection for your flooring. Whether you’re moving from one task to another or adjusting your position for optimal comfort, the robust nylon wheelbase supports every move smoothly.


TTRacing Swift X Pro offers a good sized seat base, especially for someone who is almost 1.8m and about 90kg. I didn’t feel cramped on the chair and always felt super comfortable and supported on it. The biggest green flag from this chair is that I didn’t feel fatigued even after sitting on it for the whole day.

This is a big deal especially for me because on top of the full work day, I’m on the same chair to unwind with games or just being on my computer for the rest of the night before ending the day. Personally, when I go to shops or showrooms to test out chairs, I don’t get to sit and test on it for hours on end, so this is definitely a pleasant plus for me. 

Fabric, being my go-to upholstery choice, is breathable and cooling. It may not be as easy to clean stains or spills but I’m always quite cautious around liquids at the desk so this is not an issue for me. The Swift X Pro gaming chair features outstanding ergonomic design, including padded, height-adjustable armrests, a spacious seating area, and an expansive backrest. Its optimal reclining function ensures stability and comfort. These features make it an excellent choice for gamers looking for comfort and performance during long gaming sessions.

TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming is available for purchase from Shopee and directly TTRacing at an RRP of S$429.

Rasuna Azrayl

Ras enjoys collecting and building custom mechanical keyboards and sometimes dabbles in portable audiophile setups. He also indulges in casual gaming and prefers Command over Control.

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