SuperSolid Gemini One Review: Affordable, customisable and ambidextrous gaming mouse

Local PC maker brand Dreamcore’s sub-brand SuperSolid has been making PC monitors for a while. But it introduced a mechanical gaming keyboard last year. And last month, it introduced its first wired gaming mouse – Gemini One.

PRICE: $89, available in Lazada and Shopee
SENSOR: Pixart 3389 optical
MAXIMUM SENSITIVITY: 16,000 dots per inch
MAXIMUM SPEED: 400 inches per second
CONNECTIVITY: USB-A with 1.75m paracord cable
WEIGHT: 75g to 97g

The Gemini One has a symmetrical design with a honeycomb top cover and RGB lighting. Apart from the usual left and right click buttons, there are two buttons on each side of the mouse. On top, there is a button to toggle through the sensitivity level. At the bottom, there is a button to change the RGB lighting effects.

What you get out of the box from the SuperSolid Gemini One gaming mouse. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

+ Plenty of customisation options
+ Affordable
+ Symmetrical design caters to both right- and left-handers

– No software to change button functions
– Need to toggle through sensitivity levels

However, the biggest highlight of the Gemini One is its customisability. For instance, its honeycomb top cover is replaceable with a full cover.

In addition, the Gemini One comes with a tray that has 12 pre-packed weights. Each weight is 1.25g. You can remove or insert the weights to the ideal weight you prefer. Then, remove the top cover and insert this tray inside the mouse.

There are 12 weights – each 1.25g – for you to change the mouse’s weight. (Photo: Trevor Tan)
You can insert all the tray with all the weights into the mouse. (Photo: Dreamcore)

If you prefer your gaming mouse to be as light as possible, you can leave out the tray and use the honeycomb cover – which is 3g lighter than the full cover – for the Gemini One to weigh only 75g.

But if you are like me who prefers some heft to your gaming mouse, you can insert the tray with all the weights and use the full cover for the mouse to weigh 97g.

Even the side buttons have interchangeable covers. By default, all four side buttons come with a raised cover for easy pressing. But it also comes with four flat covers, so it can be swapped out depending on whether you are a left-hander or right-hander.

Depending on whether you are a right-hander or left-hander, you can replace the raised covers of the side buttons with flat ones. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

For example, left-handers, who use only the side buttons on the right side, can replace the left side buttons with flat covers to prevent accidental touches.

Likewise, right-handers can do the same for the right side buttons and use only the side buttons on the left side. Thus, the mouse is cleverly ambidextrous this way.

The Gemini One is equipped with a Pixart 3389 optical sensor that allows for a maximum sensitivity of 16,000 dots per inch with a maximum tracking speed of 400 inches per second.

As a result, this mouse will serve you well with precise and swift tracking whether you are playing first-person shooter or any other fast-paced action games.

The honeycomb cover has better cooling and lets you see the glowing SuperSolid logo. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

For instance, I played Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal and Diablo III with this mouse with no hiccups or lag whatsoever. I was also able to accurately aim and eliminate my enemies.

On the downside, there is no software that lets you change the function of the buttons or record macros. But if you are the kind who just use the usual buttons, you probably will not be bothered by this.

However, although having the sensitivity button on its top allows you to easily change the setting, it only lets you toggle through the sensitivity levels. This can be irritating when you want to toggle back to the original sensitivity level.

The SuperSolid Gemini One comes with plenty of customisation options. (Photo: Dreamcore)

At only $89, the SuperSolid Gemini One offers great customisation options and great gaming performance at an affordable price.

DESIGN: 9/10

Trevor Tan

Started out with dreams to become a street photographer, Trevor Tan somehow became a tech journalist with over 16 years of consumer tech experience. Maybe he plays too much video games and buys too many new gadgets.
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