Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: Worthy Pick Up?

We recently got our hands on the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and it’s been quite an experience so far. As we all know the feature that everyone’s most excited about is the bigger Flip screen, so here are some of our favourite parts:

Design and Build Quality

The clamshell form factor is definitely a crowd favourite especially for smaller pouches and handbags. For someone who either has his phone in his front pocket, it is a little bit thicker than I would have liked. However, the bigger cover display is a huge game changer for the clamshell users – allowing people to use the phone with it being closed is definitely a welcome change and something I’m really excited about.

The flip hinge is now stronger that allows the device to close fully, at the same time being more durable against inevitable drops. 


Packing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Platform for Galaxy in its slim and narrow body, the Galaxy Z Flip5 is definitely pretty speedy. Apps don’t feel sluggish at all and editing videos on video editing apps like CapCut feels really snappy and not at all laggy. You can decently game, just that it might get a little warm for extended sessions.


The cameras on the Galaxy Z Flip5 are a pair of 12MP main and ultrawide camera which is essentially the same as the previous iteration of the Z Flip series but in this day and age, it’s the camera software that makes or breaks the camera. 

The best part about these cameras is actually the implementation of the software. Being able to shoot videos and photos with the bigger outer Flip screen on the Galaxy Z Flip5 is the real highlight. For the uninitiated, the Galaxy Z Flip5 is able to sit up on its own, making it that much easier to shoot without a tripod. 

This is perfect for the TikTok generation where half the time you might be on your own or everyone needs to be in frame for the latest dance trend or a quick fit check before you start the day. 

Battery Life

Battery life is pretty great for something that packs only 3700mAh. Pulling through a full day is possible, but a recharge is definitely due when you’re getting ready for bed. Wireless charging is also possible with the Galaxy Z Flip5, so you get the convenience of charging without having to fuss with cables if you’re in a hurry to get juiced. 


The outer screen is a 3.4″ super AMOLED 60Hz display and its really great for what it does. Using the cover of the phone as a big viewfinder when you’re trying to snap a quick group photo is great, but being able to actually use the phone with apps while it’s closed with a responsive and super clear screen is really something else. 

There’s no real change if you’re comparing with last year’s version of the Galaxy Z Flip, but the screen is a little slimmer and longer than the average candybar form factor. It’s really interesting that I actually find myself enjoying this screen’s aspect ratio. Scrolling on social media does not feel weird and after three videos in, I’ve totally forgotten about the fold seam in the middle of the screen. 


The Flip5 is a great iteration of the clamshell trend and we’re definitely here for it. Having a very usable outer screen is game-changing enough that I would actually still recommend users of the Flip4 to upgrade just for it alone. It could have a better camera setup especially since users of this model will be taking more photos and videos, but there’s always next year. I’ll happily use the Flip5 closed and no one’s gonna stop me. 

The Galaxy Z Flip5 is available in 256GB for S$1498 and an online exclusive in 512GB at S$1,678. Purchase directly from Samsung store here.


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