ECOVACS’ T30 PRO OMNI – Yay or Nay?

ECOVACS just launched its latest deep cleaning expert – the T30 PRO OMNI. Specifically designed to navigate top cleaning challenges homeowners face, the T30 PRO OMNI is in a class of its own.

If you aren’t familiar with the ECOVACS brand, its a smart home robotics company which specially designs products to help homeowners live a more convenient lifestyle through intelligence.

Overall Look & Feel

The T30 PRO OMNI is slightly more compact than other smart robot cleaners we’ve tested before, and fits nicely in tight spaces. For context, this sits comfortably at the edge of my dining table in a 506sqft apartment.

The Mini OMNI Station is an all-in-one station that is 30% shorter, 10% narrower and has a 30% reduction in volume. This curated design allows convenient water tank access and easy set up. Functions such as the Auto-Empty, One-Tap Self Cleaning, and Auto Refill & Drain enables hands-free cleaning.

From the side, it does look a tad chunky at 42cm high – but with all that this little powerhouse harnesses, it makes perfect sense. The T30 PRO OMNI comes with a vacuum and mop function, which allows you to activate a deep cleaning routine seamlessly.

Enjoy effortless cleaning with YIKO AI Voice Assistant and Foot Touch Control. With a gentle push of the bumper with your foot, you can activate the T30 PRO OMNI.

The top view features ergonomic handles that easily lift the water tanks off the T30 PRO OMNI. The clean and dirty water tanks are separated and are plug and play – making it easy to empty, clean and refill.

We affectionately named it Deedee (short for Deebot), and it’s efficient and easy to use. We downloaded the ECOVACSHOME app to set up and easily access the functions of the T30 PRO OMNI.


After mapping the house with the ECOVACSHOME app, the suite of functions available include activating the T30 PRO OMNI to clean the house and more.

You can activate any type of cleaning you want, with different modes to select from. We also tried out the Vacuum and Mop function with High Water Flow Level and Max Suction Power, and the floor was left spick and span after.

The app updates you on every movement the T30 PRO OMNI is executing, so you don’t have to lift a finger at all.

You can easily select the type of cleaning is more suitable for the Mopping Pad through the app. The 70°C Hot Water Mop Washing & Hot Air Drying function ensures your Mopping Pad is thoroughly cleaned after each cycle.

You can also access the T30 PRO OMNI‘s movements through Live Activities.

Vacuum & Mopping Functions

A deep cleaning session takes about 30 minutes, and it does not leave any streaks on the ground after mopping. A huge bonus for us! TruEdge™ Adaptive Edge Mopping ensures that edges of the room are cleaned within a 1mm proximity. The ZeroTangle™ Anti-Tangle Technology ensures that hair entanglement is prevented with its Dual Comb Teeth Arrays.

After 1 round of deep cleaning, the Mopping Pad still looks fairly clean. The T30 PRO OMNI can do multiple rounds of deep cleaning before washing of the Mopping Pad is required.

The brand-new high-speed motor boasts a 11000Pa powerful suction and delivers next-level cleaning efficiency.

Yay or Nay?

Having tested a few smart vacuum devices on the market, the T30 PRO OMNI does a really decent job of keeping the house clean. It’s a resounding YAY from us! Trust us, we know the pains of coming back from an exhausting day at work to a dirty house. For pet owners and homeowners alike, this is a nifty little powerhouse to maintaining daily cleanliness.

Where to Purchase

Available from 25 March 2024, the ECOVACS’ T30 PRO OMNI retails at $1,399. You can purchase ECOVACS’ T30 PRO OMNI at ECOVACS website, Shopee or Lazada.

You can also get it in person at Best Denki, COURTS, Harvey Norman and Gain City.


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