Nothing Phone (2a): First Looks 

Introducing the Nothing Phone (2a), the snake-like looking device that has a dual camera setup in the middle of the phone, making them look like eyes. The ‘same-same but different’ take on phone 2a’s design makes it stand out from the crowd but at the same time still look like it’s part of the Nothing family. We’ve all seen the leaks and promo material for the White colour so we’re super excited to take a look at the Black version today.


Packed with dual 50MP rear cameras, a significant improvement from Phone (1), that supports OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation). Combined with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation), making sure your captured shots in stunning 4K resolution are clean and smooth. The front camera is a 32MP camera, same as its older sibling, the Phone (2), ensuring anytime is a good time for a selfie. 


Nothing Phone (2a) features a 6.7” AMOLED display, providing an impressive colour range of 1.07 billion colours with minimal battery usage. Unlike traditional OLED displays, AMOLED displays to operate at lower power consumption rates. Additionally, Phone (2a) boasts a peak brightness of 1,300 nits, ensuring a top-notch viewing experience even in bright outdoor settings. The refresh rate adjusts dynamically based on the displayed content, ranging from 30 Hz for videos and still images to up to 120 Hz for exceptionally smooth interactions, all while optimising battery life.


The phone is powered by a robust 5,000 mAh battery, ensuring long hours of usage without the need for frequent charging. According to Nothing, With a 45W charger, it takes just 59 minutes to fully charge the battery from 0% to 100%, and only 23 minutes to reach 50% power, providing quick and convenient charging options for users on the go. 

Nothing OS 2.5

With a focus on minimising distractions and promoting purposeful smartphone usage, Nothing OS 2.5 offers a swift and seamless user experience centred around practical customisation. It embodies the essence of Nothing, emphasising efficiency and incorporating the latest Android optimisations and features. 


Nothing OS 2.5 introduces an expanded library of Nothing-designed widgets, featuring swipeable views and animations to enhance the depth of information and interactions on your home screen. New additions include Camera and Media Player widgets, as well as widgets for fitness and digital detoxing, such as the Pedometer and Screen Time widgets. Making it super easy to access your frequently used apps. 


Just because there’s less lights from previous Nothing devices, it doesn’t mean that it’s less useful. Phone (2a) reinvents the iconic Glyph Interface with a new trio light configuration and 15 functions. Customize different patterns as ringtones for specific contacts or apps, keeping you ahead of who’s trying to reach you. When selected contacts or apps send notifications, a persistent light will remind you until you’ve addressed them, ensuring you don’t miss anything important. The Glyphs also still serves as a timer, as your camera shutter countdown or dance to the music you’re jamming to as a funky visualisation effect.


In conclusion, the Nothing Phone (2a) impresses with its sleek design, vibrant display, and innovative features. From its impressive camera capabilities to its long-lasting battery life and customizable interface, it offers a compelling package for users seeking a blend of style and functionality. We’re super excited to further test the Nothing Phone (2a) as a daily driver to assess its full potential.

Nothing Phone (2a) 12GB/ 256GB will be available for RRP S$499, at Lazada and Shopee official store, Chamber and Challenger.

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