ZOWIE EC-CW Series: Low-Key Wireless Gaming Mouse

In Singapore, the esports sector is experiencing remarkable expansion, encompassing an increasing number of players and a growing fanbase. Within this flourishing environment, ZOWIE has noticed a significant trend where gamers tend to prioritize their performance and the choice of their gaming mouse, inadvertently neglecting the crucial aspect of physical endurance. This emerging pattern is worrisome since endurance holds great significance in ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of a gamer’s professional esports career. Unfortunately, the lack of attention to this matter has led to prevalent muscle fatigue and injuries, resulting in reduced performance and premature retirements among professional gamers.

A Smooth 2-in-1 User Experience 

ZOWIE’s objective with the development of EC-CW is to deliver top-notch gaming equipment that guarantees impeccable connectivity and stability while mitigating the risk of hand injuries and fatigue. The EC-CW wireless mouse offers seamless freedom of movement without the hassle of cables and ensures minimal transmission interference through its dedicated wireless receiver and front-tip antenna. This groundbreaking feature significantly reduces the chances of unexpected disruptions during crucial gaming or work sessions.

What sets the EC-CW apart is its remarkable anti-fatigue capability, specifically designed to target the wrist flexor muscles, enabling extended usage even with frequent clicking. Additionally, the mouse’s design prioritizes exceptional finger comfort with a dedicated thumb rest and strategically positioned buttons to prevent unintended clicks, thereby promoting endurance.

The mouse is capable of charging two ways, either plugging up to the dock which doubles up as the receiver, or directly via an included USB-C cable. It really is up to you which you prefer and you use case – docking is a lot more convenient to just leave overnight but if you need a quick juice up while still using the mouse then the cable might work better for you.

Feels Good In The Hands

It also feels great in all 3 different grips – Claw, Fingertip and Palm grips. Making this gaming mouse super versatile for all types of users and gamers alike. The model that we’ve got is the ZOWIE EC2-CW model, which is the medium size, with EC1 being largest and EC3 the smallest size.

ZOWIE’s inaugural wireless mouse preserves its iconic asymmetrical ergonomic design, featuring a naturally contoured top shell that provides a comfortable resting place for the user’s palm. The timeless shape of the EC-CW ensures optimal palm contact and accommodates various grip styles, allowing players to maintain a comfortable posture during prolonged gaming sessions.

The ergonomic design proves invaluable when executing extensive horizontal movements, delivering stable control and maneuverability, particularly in popular first-person shooter games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and VALORANT, as well as MOBA games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends.


The EC series wireless mouse is available in three distinct sizes – EC1-CW, EC2-CW, and EC3-CW, providing users with a range of options to choose from based on their preferred grip styles and in-game requirements. The EC2-CW and EC3-CW wireless mouse is now available In Singapore at SGD249 per item and can be found on BenQ’s Lazada official store. Although the wireless versions of other series (ZA, FK, S) are still in development, consumers can still opt for the wired versions of those series. 


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