RadioGPT: AI Taking Over Radio Stations?

RadioGPT blends GPT-3 technology with Futuri’s AI-based targeted story detection and social content platform, TopicPulse, along with AI voice technology, to offer an unparalleled personalized radio experience for every market and format.

RadioGPT analyzes over 250,000 sources of news and information, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to detect popular topics in a particular geographic area. It employs GPT-3 technology to generate a script suitable for on-air usage, while AI voices transform it into compelling audio.

Radio stations have the option of selecting an AI voice for solo, double, or triple-hosted shows, and can also train the AI to mimic the voices of their current personalities.

In addition, the system can instantly generate social media posts, blogs, and other content for digital platforms based on the on-air material, allowing stations to publish audio content on demand. Alpha Media in the United States and Rogers Sports & Media in Canada are Futuri’s RadioGPT partners.


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