Local ergonomic desk maker Omnidesk is setting up shop in Malaysia

Omnidesk, Singapore’s leading maker of ergonomic desks, is crossing the Causeway and setting up shop in Malaysia.

Created in 2018 by the founders of local gaming PC maker Aftershock, Omnidesk claimed it has grown from simply selling height-adjustable desks to offering an entire ecosystem of workspace ergonomics.

Incorporated as Ultimate Desk Sdn Bhd, Omnidesk said it will be looking to provide the very same premium standing desk experience in Malaysia that has made it the preferred standing desk in both Singapore and Australia.

Omnidesk is no longer just selling its height-adjustable desks. (Photo: Omnidesk)

Mr Benjamin Huang, Omnidesk’s managing director, said: “With a global pandemic changing how the world interacts with each other and working from home becoming the new normal, better ergonomics has become more important than ever. The perfect workspace should not just be comfortable, it should inspire and aspire.”

This move is said to align with Omnidesk’s strategy of expanding its offerings into “new territories and democratising workspace ergonomics through quality and affordability to more people”.

Available in Omnidesk Malaysia will be its flagship Omnidesk Pro 2020 – a fully modular and upgradable electric desk – as well as accessories such as headphone hangar and desk mats.

Omnidesk Pro 2020. (Photo: Omnidesk)

Trevor Tan

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