You can buy T-shirts featuring Tom Nook or K.K Slider when Uniqlo launches Animal Crossing: New Horizons UT collection on May 24

Global apparel Uniqlo will be launching the Nintendo Switch blockbuster game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) UT collection in Singapore on May 24.

ACNH was released last year during the Covid-19 pandemic and was a massive hit with sales over 30 million copies. Its cutesy animal characters, slow-paced gameplay and social elements gave respite to many around the world during the pandemic lockdowns.

This UT (for Uniqlo T-shirts) collection is inspired by ACNH’s unique animal characters and idyllic life in a virtual island. There are 6 designs for men, 7 designs for women, 3 designs for baby and 10 designs including shorts for children. Plus, there are 7 ACNH accessories ranging from pocketable bags to towels.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons UT Collection consists of T-shirts, shorts and accessories. (Photo: Uniqlo)

You can browse the ACNH UT collection here before deciding which apparel or accessory to buy next month. The Dodo Airlines (DAL) T-shirt and pocketable bag look especially enticing for ACNH fans.

You will be able to wear the same outfits in the game itself too. (Photo: Uniqlo)

In addition, starting from Apr 29, an “Uniqlo Island” will appear in the ACNH game, in conjunction with the launch of the UT collection in Japan.

ACNH players will be able to visit the virtual Uniqlo Island and enter a realistic Uniqlo store there. Furthermore, the Custom Designs Portal will have 21 T-shirt designs that are linked to the collection. Thus, players can enjoy the T-shirts within the game as well.

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