Pokemon GO Developer Announces ‘Peridot’ Release Date

Niantic, the developer of the popular game Pokemon GO, is set to release a new augmented reality game called “Peridot” soon.

The game will be available on mobile devices in May, and pre-registrations are currently open, with rewards being offered based on the number of pre-registrations.

According to a game preview, Peridot, unlike Pokemon GO, doesn’t require players to catch creatures. Instead, Peridot offers a different approach where every Peridot is “100% genetically unique” and comes with a wide variety of traits and archetypes for players to explore.

Some have compared the game to a Tamagotchi-style experience, where players are responsible for taking care of the Peridot creatures and guiding their growth and interactions with others.

Image source: Niantic

“Discover the fantastical world of Peridot, a real-world adventure pet game where you raise, care for, and breed one-of-a-kind adorable creatures,” a preview of the game explained.

“After thousands of years of slumber, Peridots are waking to a vastly different world than the one they lived in, and need our help to protect them. Develop an emotional connection with these creatures while exploring the world together as you raise them to adulthood and work with other players to re-diversify their species.”

By pre-registering on Peridot’s website here, Niantic is offering a free party hat cosmetic as a bonus. The game will be available on both iOS and Android starting from May 9.

Niantic, please stop giving reasons to go out, I really like my bed and I don’t think I have the responsibility to care for another being.


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