Only The PS5 Can Handle The Final Fantasy 16’s Combat

You might be curious as to why Square Enix’s upcoming action RPG, Final Fantasy XVI, will only be released on PlayStation 5 on June 22.

According to Square Enix, it’s because of the “power of PlayStation 5” that allows the development team to achieve next-generation combat. So, when do we start calling it current-gen?

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI is the latest addition to the long-running RPG series. Ever since its announcement in June 2022, the game has faced criticism on various fronts, such as the explanation for the lack of diversity and the absence of a multiplatform release, despite previous marketing statements.

However, in a recent interview with IGN, Square Enix offered some insight into the reasoning behind the decision to release the game solely on PlayStation 5.

During a recent hands-on experience with a portion of FFXVI, IGN noted how the game’s boss battles effortlessly shifted between player-controlled combat and cinematic cutscenes.

The publication inquired about this seamless transition, and Square Enix’s producer Naoki Yoshida credited the PS5’s power for making it possible. According to Yoshida, while battling against Ifrit and Garuda in the demo, the PS5 was working in the background to load the next scene, allowing for a smooth transition into it.

Ryoto Suzuki, FFXVI’s combat director, revealed that the game’s massive Eikon battles are the main reason for the title’s exclusivity to PlayStation 5. In these kaiju-like fights, players control protagonist Clive Rosfield as he assumes the body of iconic summons to battle against other summons.

While these combat situations may seem simple, their bombastic spectacle and impressive visuals make them a must-watch. According to Suzuki, the PS5’s power is essential to FFXVI’s development, stating that the game “would still be in development right now” without it.

According to FFXVI’s combat director Ryoto Suzuki, the game’s impressive graphical representation of Eikon abilities, which seamlessly transition between combat and cutscenes, is only possible thanks to the power of the PS5.

Suzuki explained that without the PS5’s high memory and transfer speed of the SSD, the game would still be in development. Eikon battles, which allow players to assume the body of summons and engage in massive fights, are a major part of FFXVI and the reason why the game is only available on PS5.

I don’t believe for one moment that the PS5 is the only thing that can handle the combat. I’m pretty sure PCs can load things in the background easily and doesn’t sound like a helicopter taking off while doing so. I think this is a great over exaggeration. It is basically a cut scene that is just loading while you play. Several games have been doing that for years like Max Payne 3, numerous Ubisoft titles have seamless transitions.


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