Enjoy Two Screens in One with the LG DualUp Ergo Monitor

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The number one way to boost productivity is a dual monitor setup. You get more screen real estate to open multiple windows, and you don’t have to keep switching between applications.

But having a dual monitor setup also comes with drawbacks. You need a bigger desk to fit both monitors, and you have to keep looking back and forth between monitors which results in neck strain. Honestly, putting it together is a straight up hassle.

The LG DualUp Ergo 27.6” SDQHD Nano IPS Display Monitor’s unique 16:18 aspect ratio that lets you enjoy a dual monitor setup without the hassle.

LG’s DualUp Ergo 27.6” SDQHD Nano IPS Display Monitor eliminates all these downsides, while delivering the benefits of a dual monitor setup with a single monitor. The monitor also offers many features to enhance visual performance, especially for creatives, making this monitor a productivity powerhouse.

Here’s why we, as digital content creators, love this monitor. 

Two Screens in One
The LG DualUp Ergo 27.6” SDQHD Nano IPS Display Monitor is essentially having two 21.5” displays in only one screen, so this means we can have dual monitors without the ugly borders in between. Plus, we only have to set-up one monitor instead of two, making cable management a breeze.

As digital creators that require quite a bit of screen real estate, having two screens on top of each other is having our cake and eating it too. 

With an aspect ratio of 16:18, the 2560 x 2880 monitor has loads of vertical screen real estate. We really enjoy this because it makes our lives so much easier during creative work. For example, we can work on our Premiere Pro edits with our Photoshop still open to use as reference. Say yes to productivity.

Creative work is a breeze with this monitor.

Productivity Powerhouse
The DualUp monitor takes productivity to a whole new level. We can easily multi-task by having multiple windows open simultaneously. We can even display two different sources at the same time with the split view function.

We love being able to see multiple windows at a single glance. It eliminates the neck strain from having to look side-to-side like we would with typical dual monitor setups. Plus, focusing on a single screen is so much easier than having to look at two separate ones.

Even outside of boring ol’ work, the DualUp monitor allows us to consume our entertainment comfortably. We can watch our favourite streamers while chatting on Discord at the same time, without having to look side-to-side. Productivity even outside of work hours.

See multiple windows at a single glance, without having to look side-to-side.

Super Adjustable
One of our favourite things about this monitor is the included Ergo arm. It’s super adjustable and has a huge rotation range. You can adjust height, tilt, extend, retract, pivot and easily rotate between portrait and landscape. VESA mount compatibility is also a given so no worries there.

As creators who care about our desk setup looking good, the DualUp monitor has a much cleaner aesthetic than a typical dual monitor setup while saving desk space. It even comes with built-in cable management to neatly hide pesky wires. A clutter-free workspace for a clutter-free mind, right?

The super adjustable Ergo arm is one of our favourite things about this monitor.

USB-C Port
This USB-C port might just be our favourite part – we can easily connect our devices without a HDMI or DisplayPort cable. This reduces the number of cables needed as you can maintain a single cable connection from the display to the portable machine. It even charges your portable devices (up to 90w) at the same time. Super convenient!

The monitor comes with many ports including our favourite — the USB-C port.

Great Visual Performance
As creatives, nothing is more annoying than inaccurate colours on the display. With the LG DualUp monitor, we never have to worry about colour accuracy with its SDQHD Nano IPS Display. With HDR10 support, the Nano IPS display provides vivid colour reproduction and supports 98% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut which makes for stunning image quality.

If you’re concerned about eye care, the monitor comes with an auto brightness feature. This combined with LG’s Live Colour Low Blue Light feature and its TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® Display Certification helps to reduce our eye strain and increases our comfort while working on the monitor.

We never have to worry about eye-strain with this monitor!


The current market is already saturated with high frame rate monitors with ultrawide displays and curved screens. LG’s efforts to cater to digital professionals is really refreshing. 16:18 aspect ratio might take a little while to get used to but we’re here for it.

The LG DualUp Ergo Monitor is available at the retail price of S$999, through LG official brand stores on KrisShop, Lazada, and Shopee. The monitor will also be available at all authorised retailers like Best Denki, Challenger, COURTS, Gain City and Harvey Norman!

For more information, you can visit the official page here.

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