The OSIM uThrone V Transformers Edition Has Arrived

If you love gaming and massages, you’d probably be familiar with OSIM’s gaming massage chairs.

Asia’s front-runner in premium massage chairs just dropped their next generation gaming chair – the OSIM uThrone V Transformers Edition, featuring designs of your all-time favourite characters: Optimus Prime & Bumblebee; and here’s why you should seriously consider getting this for your setup.


The massage chair designed specifically for gamers – OSIM uThrone V Transformers Edition has finally arrived – and is the most optimal choice to go with, especially when you spend long hours parked at your desk playing your favourite immersive action games.

Touted as the only Gaming Chair with Massage capabilities, the uThrone V harnesses the extraordinary synergy of gaming ergonomics and unparalleled massage experience. Imagine slotting in massage sessions between game sessions to knead those tight body aches before your next battle. Revolutionary.


With V-Hand Massage Technology, the Intelligent V Hand™ Massage emulates the techniques and flexibility of a skilled masseuse’s hands for a super realistic grip that loosens your shoulder knots.

The shoulder grip provides 360° massage rollers to roll along your neck and shoulder counters for effective pain relief. The Lumbar Press glides and presses along the lumbar to relieve back pain and reduce back stiffness from prolonged sitting.


The soft PU gaming armrests of uThrone V comes with 4-directional adjustments, allowing you a fuss-free experience of aligning the armrest to your table height to your comfort.

With a seat that is adjustable up to 9.5cm in height, the strong hydraulic gas pistons of uThrone V have been carefully tested for gamers to experience maximum stability.


Take comfort in knowing that your favourite Transformers warriors will now have your back – quite literally – while you game. The lumbar cushion is comfortable to lean against, and you’d feel the support to your spine while remaining seated at your desk for an extended period of time.


On top of the lower back and lumbar massage functions, the control panel on the right hand side of the chair makes it easy for you to select your preferred massage programs while gaming.

The uThrone V also comes with a side hook for you to conveniently hang your gaming gears such as headphones and consoles, and also comes with cable clips to neatly tuck your excess cables with the 6 cable clips attached below your chair.

Source: OSIM

The OSIM uThrone V comes in 3 designs – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Black. The Optimus Prime version is bathed in the Autobots leader’s shades of blue and red, while the Bumblebee version is clad in its iconic yellow. Get your favourite Transformers companion at only $849 now. 

Autobots, transform and roll out!


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