Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine – Yay or Nay?

Having owned different vacuum cleaners throughout my adult life, I have to objectively say that Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are pretty much the only ones I’ve felt are efficient, effective, and easy to use. The one thing I’ve always wished for, was for a vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop – all in one.

I’m currently using a V12, and getting my hands on the V12s Detect Slim Submarine was pretty exciting for me. Let’s take a tour on what makes the V12s better and faster, and if you should upgrade from your current vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Routine

I’m not sure about you, especially if you have kids and / or furkids, but with 3 furkids frolicking around in the house all day long, I find myself vacuuming and mopping every single day.

Get all the Small Debris and Dirt

With the Fluffy Optic Cleaner Head, I get twice the visibility of the rather invisible dust as compared to the V12 – which came as a pleasant surprise. The V12s Detect Slim Submarine is also equipped with Acoustic Dust Sensing which allows the device to automatically ramp up suction power across different floor types and dust amounts, adjusting the suction power accordingly when on Auto mode.

Clean up Spilled Liquids with Submarine roller

With 3 furkids in the house constantly running all over the place, we need to always be vigilant about not having human food spillage on the floor lest the furkids rush towards the spillage and lap it all up. With the Submarine roller attachment, I was able to quickly leap into action (and save some paper towels in the process), and clean up all the spillage before endangering my furkids’ lives. The Submarine roller attachment effectively cleaned up the floor without me having to rush for paper towels / mop. It did, however, require a couple of rounds before all the spillage was cleaned up without any trace.

What’s cool about the Submarine roller attachment is that it stores up to 300ml of water, and you can deep-clean a specific area of up to 110 sq m without lugging a bucket of water here and there while cleaning.

Pet Mess

The furkids tend to leave their little paw prints all over the floor – whether be it after their walk, or their accidental-stepping-into-their-water-bowl. The Submarine roller attachment allows me to easily clean my kitchen tiles and laminate floor without leaving any trace at all.

Effectively Suck up all the Hair on the floor

As someone with very long hair, I can be doing nothing and just walking around the house and my stray strands of long hair will fall to the ground and it gets kinda annoying.

Hair Screw Tool after sucking up clumps of hair

With the Hair Screw Tool, it was pretty effortless to suck up all the hair on the floor without it being tangled up in the attachment – I mean, having to manually pull out clumps of hair from your vacuum cleaner is really not the nicest experience.

Cleaning out Crevices

With the V12s Detect Slim Submarine, I am able to suck up all the tiny dirt and food remnants from the furkids’ snacking under the couch and crevices along the balcony door track easily using the Crevice tool.

Cleaning the Attachments

With versatile attachments for different cleaning needs, cleaning out the Combination tool, 2-in-1 tool, Hair Screw Tool, and the Crevice tool is effortlessly easy – making it a breeze to clean the house daily. The filter and Fluffy™ brush bar is easily washable, and cleaning the wet roller head with your regular detergent diluted with water is easy.


Whether you have kids, furkids, or it’s just you and your family, the V12s Detect Slim Submarine gets the job done and allows you to have a bare-foot clean feel – which is really what we all want to achieve when cleaning our houses. The time and effort spent on cleaning the various attachments is quite negligible – quick and easy to make your house maintenance way more efficient.

Yay or Nay?

It’s a yay for me – having transitioned over to the V12 Detect Slim Submarine from the V12, it’s a step up for sure. The compact and easily manoeuvrable nature of the device makes it a powerful cleaning tool for my daily needs, which takes the stress off by a ton.

Where to Purchase?

Up the ante with your home maintenance and get it directly from the people who made it:

Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine at S$1,299 from Dyson.


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