Local desk brand Omnidesk launches new Ascent

Local computer desk company Omnidesk has launched its new standing desk Ascent with a slew of improvements. Having a good desk at home is now more important than ever, with Covid-19 situation continuing the work from home arrangement for many.

The new Omnidesk Ascent in all white. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

With the new Ascent, there is a new proprietary controller. It has been completely re-designed with a 5V charging port and a high-resolution OLED screen. The buttons on the controller are bigger for increased ease of use and come with improved tactility. Furthermore, this controller has backlit lighting in different colour options from rolling RGB colours to single colour variants that range from blue to white.

Wondering how to change the lighting colours? There is a new companion app, Omnidesk Life, to go with the Ascent. This app pairs to the controller via Bluetooth allowing you to not only change lighting effects, but also adjust the height of the desk remotely.

You can easily change the colours of the controller lighting using the Omnidesk Life app. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The app also tracks the time you spend sitting or standing at the desk and lets you save up to nine memory profiles for easy pre-programmed switching.

Omnidesk Life app gives you plenty of functionalities. (Photo: Omnidesk)

In addition, the Ascent has been designed to have lesser parts to assemble along with a more streamlined assembly process. Omnidesk claims that the Ascent can be assembled in just five minutes.

This standing desk can be adjusted from 63.7cm to 128cm in height. Yet, the overall integrity and structure of Ascent has been strengthened for more stability than its predecessors. Not to mention, Ascent also has the fastest rising speed in the market with a lifting speed of 6cm per second for a load of up to 130kg.

There are plenty of accessories you can get with the Ascent to further enhance your workflow. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

But it is not just about speed. The Ascent comes with a magnetic cable tray that is easily accessible underneath the table for neat cable management. There are also a lot of accessories, such as anti-fatigue floor mat, cup holder and headphone hanger, that you can get from Omnidesk to enhance your workflow and improve quality of life with the Ascent. Furthermore, the Ascent comes with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

The Omnidesk Ascent will be available from S$950 after Dec 6. But if you pre-order the Ascent from today till Dec 6, you get a S$100 discount. The Wildwood version of the Ascent will also be available for pre-order for the same period at S$1,149 before retailing after Dec 6 at S$1,249.

For more information, visit https://ascent.theomnidesk.com.

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