Why the Sennheiser IE 900 is worth every dollar (or more) of its S$1,999 price

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In-ear monitors (IEMs) are audio devices originally worn by musicians, performers and audio engineers to monitor the combination of audio sources from different places.

Due to IEMs’ pristine audio quality, they have been gaining popularity with audiophiles in recent years. This is despite the fact that IEMs easily cost over a thousand dollars or more.

While IEMs used to be customised to fit an individual’s ears, there are more off-the-shelf IEMs in the consumer realm these days. And one of the latest IEMs in the market is the Sennheiser IE 900.

The Sennheiser IE 900.

With over 75 years of audio experience, the Sennheiser IE 900 is a pair of AAA in-ear monitors that lets you hear what the artistes intended.

Its price tag of S$1,999 might be jaw-dropping at first glance. However, the IE 900 is actually well worth more than its price. Here’s why!

Unlike the multi-driver system found in many IEMs, Sennheiser has opted for a one-driver system with IE 900. Audiophiles will know that having more drivers does not always equate to better audio quality. Sometimes, less is more.

You will love the sound quality of the IE 900’s single-driver system.

By using a single high-performance dynamic driver, IE 900 avoids the phase incoherence phenomenon introduced by multi-driver setups. In layperson’s terms, this phenomenon refers to the noise distortion caused by the overlapping frequencies of different drivers.

Furthermore, Sennheiser has armed the IE 900 with its latest proprietary audiophile X3R TrueResponse transducer. This is a refined version of the 7mm XWB TrueResponse transducer found in Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 and entry-level IEM, IE 300.

The components of Sennheiser IE 900.

The main feature of the new X3R transducer is its three Helmholtz resonator chambers, which smoothen high frequencies and eliminate resonance peaks or big vibrations. These loud vibrations mask details and make listening more tiring.

The three Helmholtz resonator chambers found in the X3R transducer.

To further smoothen the musical output, an acoustic vortex is placed near the diaphragm and nozzle to make the treble as smooth and pleasing as possible.

In other words, the IE 900 is able to offer audio output with a wide frequency range but yet with very little or no distortion. It makes even the most subtle nuances of sound audible.

Thus, if you think you have listened to all the details of your favourite song, think again. You will be surprised to hear something you have never heard before when using IE 900. This is the new benchmark in portable audio technology.

Contributing to IE 900’s audiophile sound quality is its amazing build quality and craftsmanship. The IE 900 is built exclusively at Sennheiser’s famed manufacturing facility in Germany.

There, the housings of IE 900 are cut from a single block of aluminium using a five-axis CNC (computer numerical control) machine to create the three chambers and the acoustic vortex mentioned above.

You will be completely blown away by the audio quality and comfort level of IE 900.

Aluminium is chosen because it suits such high-precision milling. In addition, this metal provides an aesthetically pleasing looks with its curvature surface. These milling lines have become an artistic signature of the IE 900.

At the same time, the milled aluminium offers a long-lasting home for the acoustic components. Once anodised, the aluminium housing is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. Thus, it offers users many years of listening that will outlive many of their audio players.

Most importantly, the drivers in each IE 900 are matched during the manufacturing process to eliminate any variance. Precision cameras are used to examine the transducer components closely during production, while completed transducers are tested before and after pairing.

You will be in awe of the exquisite craftsmanship behind the IE 900.

In addition, the assembled left and right earbuds of IE 900 are paired by hand to ensure they work together in perfect harmony for optimal performance.

The attention to details and Sennheiser’s intricate craftsmanship meant that the IE 900 offers a soundstage with no gaps or holes whatsoever.

Audiophiles want the flexibility to connect their IEMs to the different audio equipment and players they have. As such, the IE 900 features a high-performance Fidelity Plus MMCX gold-plated connector to give audiophiles the freedom of choice.

Plus, it comes with an array of cable options – an unbalanced 3.5mm connector cable as well as balanced cables with 2.5mm and 4.4mm connectors. These cables are reinforced with para-aramid, a synthetic fibre known for its strength, can withstand thousands of bending cycles making them really durable.

The IE 900 comes with an array of cables, silicone and memory foam ear adapters.

To ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all, IE 900 features individually-adjustable ear hooks to easily adapt to each ear. Plus, out of the box, there are three pairs of silicone ear adapters and memory foam ear adapters, so users can enjoy music comfortably over a long period of time.

For audiophiles who craves audio excellence and perfection, the Sennheiser IE 900 ticks every box for a pair of AAA in-ear monitors. And it is well worth every dollar, or more, of its price tag given its superb audio quality, amazing build quality, intricate craftsmanship and supreme comfort.

Get it at Sennheiser Webshop here, at the Sennheiser Brand Store at Marina Square, and at all authorised Sennheiser retailers!

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