EverDesk Max Review: The work from home desk you never knew you need

It has been nearly 20 months since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Singapore. And while we are slowly opening our borders, it looks like we still have to work from home (WFH) for the foreseeable future.

Still, many might find their desks at home to be ill-equipped to meet the modern computing and working needs. Furthermore, it is not recommended to sit for long periods of time. This is where EverDesk height-adjustable desks come into the picture.

Created by the founders of Singapore’s ergonomic work chair maker ErgoTune, EverDesk was founded with the intention to make the perfect home work desk. Its flagship height-adjustable desk is the EverDesk Max.

PRICE: From S$629, available at EverDesk
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: 60cm to 124cm
LOAD WEIGHT: Up to 120 kg

According to its maker, the EverDesk Max is a dream work desk that will fit into any user’s personal desk habits, workflow, and space requirements.

The review unit comes in the form of the dark walnut tabletop with black frame that measures 120cm x 60cm. I selected this size, as most of us – HDB dwellers – do not have much space at home. So, I want to see if the smallest size can do the job.

You can customise the EverDesk Max depending on your needs. (Photo: EverDesk)

If you prefer a larger table, there are two other tabletop sizes of 140cm x 65cm and 160cm x 70cm for you to choose. The tablet top is also available in other colours, such as raw ashen oak or lily white, and the frame also comes in white if you don’t like black.

For this review, EverDesk included many accessories to let me try. These include black leather mouse pad (S$25), black pegboard panels (from S$49), modular shelves (from S$79) in matching dark walnut colour, a black cable tray (S$39), a black cable spine (S$29), a monitor arm with laptop holder (S$139), a Hover Lightbar (S$49) and a power cube (S$39).

And it is up to you to customise your work desk with these accessories to your computer setup, workflow and liking.

Unlike the rectangular controls found in many adjustable tables like OmniDesk, the EverDesk Max features a circular desk control that you can choose to install anywhere in front of the tabletop.

To raise the desk’s height, you turn the control clockwise. And to lower the desk, you turn it anti-clockwise. In case you cannot remember which way to turn, the desk control also allows you to save three height settings. So, all you need to press the appropriate number (from 1 to 3) to get to your favourite desk height.

The circular Desk Control that features the Health Coach function. (Photo: EverDesk)

Integrated into this desk control is the Health Coach function that reminds you to sit and stand at preferred intervals. You can set reminders in the time intervals of 15, 30 and 60 minutes, to emit a gentle vibration to remind you to stand up.

This Health Coach feature is a good-to-have, but not essential for me. I always make it a habit to stand up after sitting for an hour. But it might be useful for you or those who are too engrossed in their work.

+ Sturdy and solid build
+ Health Coach is a good-to-have
+ Plenty of accessories to choose from and customise

– Expensive
– Some accessories get into the way of each other

And regardless of the desk’s height you adjusted, the EverDesk Max feels strong and sturdy. It does not sway and remains rock solid regardless of how many stuff, such as laptop, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and random review units, which I loaded on to the tabletop. Not to mention, the amount of accessories already installed on the desk.

This particular Max tabletop comes with the UniGroove system, which is not found if you choose the WildFolks tabletop series. Basically, UniGroove is a fancy name for a groove with holes that runs nearly the entire length of the tabletop’s end and its accompanying cable stoppers for neat cable management.

The UniGroove and its cable stoppers in action. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

This is especially cool when you have the cable tray installed below the table top. On the cable tray, I placed a power plug extension that comes with four USB-A ports for charging use.

The cable tray is a must-have, as it lets you place an power extension. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

As such, I was able to thread a few charging cables – from Lightning to USB-C – through holes on the groove for easy charging. The cable stoppers – come in two lengths – and fit neatly into the groove to hold the cable in place. The groove also doubles as a stand for your smartphones and tablets. This helps to free up much needed real estate on the tabletop.

And if you want more space, you can gain some with the modular shelves that come in two sizes of 38cm and 56cm in length. It practically offers two “storeys” of vertical space for you to put items like keyboard or phones. On the downside, you have to secure these shelves over the groove. As such, you lose the groove’s ability to be used as a stand where the shelves stand.

If you want to further alleviate the tabletop space issue, you ought to get the dual monitor arm with laptop holder. So, you can place a monitor alongside your laptop. Or you can remove the laptop holder to create a dual monitor setup.

My setup for EverDesk Max includes the dual monitor arm with laptop holder and two modular shelves. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Plus, this accessory has rectangular hooks along its arm that help to hold the cables in place. But using it for around two months, I found one of the arms holding the monitor to be slightly bended. This is strange because the arm holding the heavier laptop remains straight.

Rectangular hooks on the monitor arm offers easy cable management. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

At the same time, the Cable Spine helps to connect the main power cable for height adjustment to the power point. With its rectangular hooks, it keeps dangling cables in place. This is especially so when you are cleaning the floor under the table.

The Cable Spine is very useful to keep the major cables in place. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

I always love pegboards and have two huge pegboards mounted in my study room. No surprises that among the accessories here, the black pegboards are my favourite. Since it uses clamps, it is really to install and remove them based on your needs or when you move the furniture.

Each pegboard also comes with its own accessories, such as trays, knobs, hooks and even a pen holder. As such, you can place random stuff like cables on hooks, pen-knife on pen holder and even plants on the tray, thus freeing up more tabletop space.

You place cables, pens and even plants on the pegboard. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Unfortunately, due to stocks issues, I was not able to try the Switch Underdesk Storage. This accessory has pull-out compartments that let you store everyday items like cables, wired earphones and notebook. Given how useful it sounds, I am not surprised it is always out of stock.

The EverDesk Max is a strong and sturdy height-adjustable desk. With its plethora of accessories, you can customise the Max to your heart’s delight and achieve the perfect work from home setup.

Undoubtedly, it is quite expensive, especially when you add in the costs of the accessories. However, in the long run, you will reap the rewards in terms of your productivity and the positive effects to your physical and mental health.

DESIGN: 8/10

Trevor Tan

Started out with dreams to become a street photographer, Trevor Tan somehow became a tech journalist with over 16 years of consumer tech experience. Maybe he plays too much video games and buys too many new gadgets.
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