Nintendo Switch has outsold the PS4 and Game Boy

The Nintendo Switch has surpassed both the Game Boy and the PlayStation 4 to become the third highest-selling gaming console in history. According to Nintendo’s earnings report, the console has sold a total of 122.55 million units as of the end of 2022, now ranking behind only the DS and the PlayStation 2 in terms of lifetime sales.

Nintendo is facing challenges due to its outdated hardware. Consumers are opting for the latest OLED model, causing a decline in sales for the older Switch and Switch Lite models. The Switch has become relatively less powerful compared to the recent Xbox Series and PS5 consoles, while Sony and Microsoft are investing heavily in games and subscriptions. But any real Switch player knows that the appeal of the console is not the high performing graphics.

Nintendo stated last year that moving to their next console is a top priority for them and it could become more pressing soon. It’ll be exciting to see if the Switch can endure and become the best-selling console of all time, but Nintendo still needs to sell around 33 million more units to surpass the PlayStation 2.

Y’all remember when Nintendo Switches were going for so much more during the COVID lockdown period due to shortages? What a time we live in now.


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