Hello Bali – A new location marks the fourth Apple Developer Academy in Indonesia

As Apple increases its investment in students and aspiring developers in Indonesia, Bali is the latest location to welcome the Apple Developer Academy.

The newest Apple Developer Academy will join the first 3 locations within Indonesia to provide opportunities to developers, students, and entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their journey in SEA’s growing iOS app economy.

Since Apple launched the first Apple Developer Academy in Jakarta in 2018, 2 new locations were added and more than 2,000 aspiring developers have successfully completed the program. 90% of its graduates have gone on to find meaningful employment in several sectors.

The academy’s 9-month program includes different helpful resources, from the basics of coding, to design, marketing and more. The Bali campus will accept applications from everywhere on the globe – regardless of educational background or coding experience.

Apple Developer Academy alumni Rais Mohammed Najib and Denis Wibisono are now the iOS development team lead for Bank Mandiri, the largest bank in Indonesia. They consistently push boundaries to ensure a seamless mobile banking experience for millions of Indonesians. Almost 40% of the bank’s iOS development team are academy graduates.

Wibisono says, “I believe the experience not only equipped me with advanced coding skills, but also critical thinking training, both of which are essential qualities of professional tech engineers.”

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