Genshin Impact’s latest update version 1.6 arriving on Jun 9

Popular free-to-play open-world action role-playing game Genshin Impact will be getting its version 1.6 update – Midsummer Island Adventure – on Jun 9.

This update will introduce two summer-themed character outfits and a new playable character from the Japan-inspired city of Inazuma.

Kaedehara Kazuha will be the first playable character from Inazuma. He is a powerful five-star character who wields the power of Anemo and a sword.

Kaedehara Kazuha will be the first playable character from Inazuma. (Photo: miYoHo)

Kazuha will be featured in the new Archon Quest. Travelling with Beidou and her Crux Fleet, this wandering samurai will provide clues about the way to the closed-off Inazuma.

However, the Inazuma city itself will not be appearing in this update. Currently, players can explore both Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor, two of the seven major cities in the game’s world of Teyvat.

But players can look forward to a new tough opponent Maguu Kenki in this new update. This new opponent can summon phantoms, while dishing out both Anemo and Cryo damage. And he can only be taken down during close-range combat.

The new opponent Maguu Kenki. (Photo: miYoHo)

Genshin Impact version 1.6 will be available on Jun 9 for PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

In addition, Genshin Impact will also be arriving on Epic Games Store on Jun 9. And players can
claim in-game bonus with the redemption code “GenshinEpic” starting that day for a limited time.

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