Why You Should Update to iOS 17.3

This rendition of iOS update is one of the most pertinent, and powerful yet. Here are 2 key reasons why you should update your software to iOS 17.3 now.

Stolen Device Protection

If you don’t already know, Stolen Device Protection heightens the security of your iPhone and Apple ID, by requiring Face ID or Touch ID to perform certain actions on your iPhone – without defaulting to using your passcode to access important data.

Security Delay will now require your Face ID or Touch ID, a waiting time of 1 hour, and an additional successful biometric authentication before sensitive operations such as changing of your device’s passcode or Apple ID password can be done.

No more worrying if someone has access to your passcode to use your iPhone without your permission.

Apple Music

You can now freely collaborate with your loved ones on shared playlists on Apple Music. Friends can now be invited to join your playlist, add, reorder and remove songs.

Emoji reactions can now also be added to any track in a collaborative playlists – so you can leave an accurate reaction to your friend’s choice of music in your playlist.

This is super helpful especially if you’re hosting a dinner party, or even planning a wedding playlist.

Time to update your iPhone to iOS 17.3, if you have not already done so.


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