First Hand Experience of Using iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro

Some of us (namely me) were slightly reluctant to upgrade our iPhones for the past few series – so coming from an iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can say I was rather elated with all the spanking new upgrades that were announced for the iPhone 14 series last month.

Let’s talk about how my mind was blown with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. First up – the iPhone 14 Pro.

As someone who has been using my iPhone 11 Pro Max for the past few years, being able to upgrade to the latest iPhone 14 Pro was a breath of fresh air. It felt a little unfamiliar to me – especially when it meant that I was downsizing from a 6.7″ screen to a 6.1″ screen – but after a while, it felt really nicely sized for my liking.

The deep purple colour was such a refreshing hue compared to my previous iPhone 11 Pro Max which was in the midnight green shade – and surprisingly, matched my everyday aesthetics quite seamlessly. Slay.

I was kinda skeptical at first, wondering if I could notice the effects of the Promotion display – but I was pleasantly surprised when I caught on to how much smoother the higher 120Hz interface performed, especially in harsh sunlight conditions.

Some people were complaining that the Always-On display can get a little too bright for their liking, and while I can understand why they might feel that way – I found a way around it – just use a dimmer wallpaper and voila! It doesn’t bother me at all now.

When I need the display to be completely turned off, the Focus Mode automatically sorts that out for me – where I just switch on my Sleep mode and the Always-On Display is disabled instantly, reassuring me that I’d get my quality rest in complete darkness. Don’t be judging me now, I know some of you have to sleep in complete darkness too.

Dynamic Island is by far, the biggest game changer for me. I wrote a piece previously focusing solely on Dynamic Island – and you can probably tell why I’m such a huge fan of this function. It is both a highly functional and aesthetic feature to have. Having apps appear in accordance to its level of priority is *chefs kiss* – for example – the timer will automatically appear above Now Playing, which makes total sense. A long press on the Now Playing widget on the Dynamic Island allows for quick access to navigate to the next, or previous song that’s in the list.


wah isit i can throw away my gimbal already ? #iphone14 #iphone14pro #actionmode #sgtiktok

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Action Mode is another one of my favourite features that I can shamelessly proclaim that I thoroughly enjoy. This is especially useful for those who love to chase after pets, or children, or both – and it allows a clean and smooth end-to-end footage. For those who loves to document their workout sessions – the Action Mode is able to capture crispy clean and smooth footage – giving your audience (or yourself) the immense pleasure of reliving the workout session.

Photos are now in such pristinely amazing quality – especially in low-light conditions. You’ll find that your photos will be automatically rendered in the most accurate settings and generally tunes out the noise. Some other phone models out there in the market takes superbly great night photos too – but they usually turn out quite bright and might seem a tad unnatural. I was pleasantly surprised when night photos are almost always really similar to how I view the objects / scenery with my own naked eyes – especially for something that’s shot with iPhone 14 Pro. Super impressive!

I’m definitely looking forward to being able to also try out the iPhone 14 Pro Max just to see how different that might be.

Now, on to the iPhone 14, which I’m currently using as a work phone. One can never have too many iPhones, mirite?

iPhone 14 is definitely perfect for someone who is in the market looking to get the latest phone, but not too willing to part with too much dough for it.

Similar to the incredibly cool S upgrades that Apple used to roll out – iPhone 14 now comes with a better front facing 12MP AF selfie camera with f1.9 aperture. Perfect for those who loves to take selfies!

The new Action Mode is also included in iPhone 14 that allows cinematic Mode in 4K HDR.

iPhone 14 is powered by the same powerful chip that drives iPhone 13 Pro series – so there’d be no lapses in performance in your iPhone 14. It comes in 2 sizes, the popular 6.1″ and the larger display with 6.7″ (iPhone 14 Plus) – I got the 6.1″ one which again, is perfect once I got used to it. No more worrying about dropping my phone while taking tons of grocery bags or things!

I’d say this is definitely perfect for a gift for your loved ones – this is definitely considered a fancy schmancy gift – but it’s after all, the latest phone, just more friendly for the wallet!


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