Ergotune Supreme V3 Review: Ain’t No Slouch! 


Now that that got your attention, we want you to know we have your back just as well as the new Ergotune Supreme V3 has ours.

The upgraded version of Ergotune’s Supreme comes in three colours, includes enhanced lumbar and headrest support amongst others and caters to a wider height range for everyone.

Ok, but truth bomb: I only recently learnt that there is a difference between gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs. I’ve found out that these are two very different products and serve very different purposes. So for the uninitiated, gaming chairs are aimed at providing comfort and performance as you power through hours of games, while ergonomic chairs naturally ensure users are seated in the best possible position and are well supported in a myriad of situations.

Good posture is most important

Conforms to different body types

Highly customisable to your specific preference
Tricky to lock in customisations

Ergotune’s latest version of the Supreme chair features 3 major upgrades. An enhanced headrest and lumbar support and 3 different gas lift options available in May to cater to a greater height range.

The enhanced headrest additionally allows for adjust head rest depth, including the previously adjustable headrest height and angled variable tilt lock. This is great to make sure that you don’t lean back too far just to rest your head.

Enhanced head rest adjustability

At first glance, the lumbar support looks like a weird insect or a strange tumour in the middle of the chair but the updated design now allows you to adjust its tension. With this added support, I felt like a proper British royalty sipping my afternoon cuppa with perfect posture and zero urge to slouch.

Updated lumbar support

The DuraWeave™ hybrid-mesh upholstery of the chair is meant to be lightweight so you don’t feel uncomfortable and sweaty in our country’s lovely humid weather. However, my experience was a little less than ideal. Perhaps I have sensitive skin but I felt bothered by the material of the mesh and thought that other mesh materials from Herman Miller or Ikea were better suited to my preference. 

No more sweaty bums!

My favourite part is the 5D armrest. I have a strange habit of resting my arms really wide like chicken wings (yes, I already said it was strange) and the 5D armrest was able to support my whole arm for the day without falling off or being uncomfortable.

Throne-level comfort

The experience for this ergonomic chair was really enjoyable, but as with all customisable and personalised experiences, it required a little more tinkering and adjustment to make sure that it fits you to the tee. The 12-year warranty that’s included also makes sure that the chair is built to last and ensures the user a peace of mind.


Rasuna Azrayl

Ras enjoys collecting and building custom mechanical keyboards and sometimes dabbles in portable audiophile setups. He also indulges in casual gaming and prefers Command over Control.

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