Rusted Moss: Norwegian-Singaporean Game Launching April 12

The highly anticipated metroidvania game, “Rusted Moss,” developed by a Norwegian and Singaporean team, is finally set to release on Steam after numerous previews and demos. The game offers a unique 360-degree aiming system, which allows players to grapple and shoot weapons with freedom and precision.

The game features a smooth experience with full control over the character’s movements, resulting in creative solutions for traversal challenges and enemies. The story takes place in desolate landscapes where humanity is on the brink of collapse and soon to be invaded by faeries. In an attempt to survive, humans have stolen fae magic and empowered their own witches. The player character, Fern, is a changeling raised by human parents and sets off on a journey with a shadow named Puck to return fae to the world and end the Age of Men.

rusted moss

The game’s Bionic Commando-like grappling hook is unique and challenging to master, but ultimately rewarding. The physics-based elastic grappling hook uses kinetic momentum to propel the player character forward, allowing them to swing through the rugged terrain. The game emphasizes precise gunplay with each boss throwing their own unique challenge at players, requiring them to master manoeuvring and shooting to overcome them.

rusted moss

The full release of “Rusted Moss” features over twenty unique abilities to find, six challenging boss fights, and multiple endings to uncover. The game is rendered in a melancholic pixel art style, adding to its unique aesthetic. Players are encouraged to explore and find their own path through the abandoned wasteland. “Rusted Moss” is sure to offer a thrilling adventure for players who love a challenge.

Rusted Moss will be released on Steam on April 12.


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