Canon PowerShot V10 Review: Perfect Beginner Vlogging Camera?

Canon Powershot V10 is Canon’s latest offering, breaking what consumers know as a camera. Without even looking like a camera, it bears a simple red circle that demarcates the record button for vlogging, all while packing a flip-up touchscreen, dual microphone setup and able to record in 4K.

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Easy to Use

It has a flip-up touchscreen that allows for easy reference especially while recording and a built-in stand. This makes it super easy for users to plant the camera without having to set up for a tripod situation. But if ever you need the camera to be on sticks, the standard 1/4″ mount is readily available to be used.

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Perfect for Beginners

The camera weighs only 211g with it’s built-in stand and microphone, making it the perfect pocket companion that you can bring around without worrying about a heavy bag or packing too much for that short trip. All you need is literally just the camera, and maybe a small pouch to make sure you don’t scratch the lens.

Quality Images and Great Low Light

It records in horizontal by default, when you record vertical it is almost reminiscent of the old-school camcorder, a distant memory for a elder millennial like me. The video quality is 4K 30fps, which is plenty high-res for the weekend trip or a vlog to share the best cafes you’ll be visiting. It can also record 1080 at 60fps if you’re looking to run at a bit of a higher frame rate.

Its 1-inch sensor, capable of shooting 15.2 megapixels, ensures the sharpest photos and selfies, especially with the face tracking and smooth skin tone mode. Now it’s that much easier to appear in your own shots and not have to worry about misframing or looking bad on camera.

The lens that’s included is a 16mm equivalent, making it perfect for self-shot portraits and talking heads of your vlogs. The aperture of f2.8 is more than adequate for low-light situations as well. Auto ND filter is a great feature to have, so that your shots don’t get blown out, especially when you’re continuously rolling from a darker area to a bright environment.

Simple Button Layout

Buttons are convenient placed at the back of the camera, hidden away from view. This is great especially for beginners who might get overwhelmed and confused at too many buttons. The flip screen is perfect when you’re recording yourself, or showing your environment while still having yourself in shot.

Clear Audio

The dual mic setup makes it easy to start vlogging straight out of the box, without additional gear. Speech gets picked up and is crystal clear especially when you’re speaking directly to the camera. For more advanced users, the 3.5mm jack makes it easy to explore external microphone to be hooked up to the already capable camera.

Image Stabilisation

There is nothing worse than shaky footage that makes your viewers nauseous when rewatching your exciting adventures. The image stabilisation that can be set to On or Enhanced, ensures that you get steady shots even when you’re walking and vlogging. The difference between the two settings is Enhanced allows the footage to be more steady but a little more cropped in.

More Than Just A Camera

Aside from being a great vlogging camera, you can also hook the camera up to your computer via USB-C and use it as a webcam without additional softwares. Time to look extra clear and crispy on your video calls or serves as a facecam during your stream sessions.

Image from Canon


The Canon Powershot V10 is definitely the one to get for newbies that are just getting into the field of video cameras and don’t want to feel overwhelmed with the many video formats and possibly different lenses that a pro-level camera comes with With this fuss-free vlogging camera, all you need to do is just turn it on, flip the screen and press the big red button to begin recording. 

The dual microphone is also decent enough to use out of the box, and with such a low buy-in price, Canon has really lowered the benchmark for an all-in-one video capturing device that has multiple use cases scenarios.

The Canon PowerShot V10 is available at an RRP of S$599 and can be purchased from Canon online store or Shopee.


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