Best Sim-Only Plans in SG (2023)

UPDATED: Comparison tables with updated mobile plans for MNO and MNVO in May 2023.

So your mobile plan has just ended and you’re thinking if you should extend your plan with the same service provider or change to a different service provider. Maybe you’re also considering SIM only plan, but there’s just so many to choose from and what if you make a bad decision? Fret not, here’s some of the SIM only plans you can consider!

Types of Telco Available

There are currently four Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in Singapore, mainly M1, Singtel, Starhub and SIMBA, formerly known as TPG. The others are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), namely, Changi Mobile, Circles.Life, CMLink, giga!, GOMO, MyRepublic Mobile, redONE, VIVIFI and Zero1.

Because these are MVNO, they ride on the existing MNO’s networks. Singtel serves CMLink, GOMO, VIVIFI and Zero1. Starhub serves giga!, MyRepublic and redONE. M1 has Changi Mobile, Circles.Life and MyRepublic.

MNVO Operators in SG 2023

Best Value below S$10

The cheapest of them all is Zero1 Starter plan, which offers 6GB for S$7 and after the initial 6GB you have unlimited throttled data. Zero1 also uses Singtel’s network so you can have a peace of mind regarding coverage and network availabilty.

SIMBA’s 50GB is also very attractive being offered at S$10 a month. However, SIMBA is a relatively new network – you should proceed if you don’t mind having to experience teething problems with the network provider or have a backup line to fall back on.

Best SIM only plans under $10 in SG 2023

Best Value below S$30

The one to consider below S$30 will be GOMO’s 4G value plan that goes for S$18.17/month. With the MNVO also being under Singtel, you can be sure that you will have reputable service coverage. GOMO also now has rollover data so you don’t waste your unused data.

Best SIM only plans under $30 in SG 2023

Best 5G Value

If you’re 5G ready but still don’t want to spend a bomb on your monthly data, you can consider M1’s 5G plan that’s priced at S$18.12/month for 80GB and unlimited data on the weekends. But if you prefer being on Singtel’s network then you might want to look at GOMO’s 5G plan for 60GB that includes rollover data at S$25.23/month.

Best 5G SIM only plans in SG 2023


Personally since my phone allows for 5G, that’s something that I’d want to be able to make full use of. I wouldn’t want to pay for more than S$50/month as that’s what I get for monthly data allowance from my workplace. GOMO 5G works well for me since I’m quite particular about network coverage and the rollover data is also great to have. The extra S$20 I save per month goes to funding for my mobile device so it all works out for me!

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