A Guide to Wireless Headphones You Never Knew You Needed

The hunt for the perfect wireless headphones truly frustrates me sometimes, and I always wished someone would share a holistic guide to aid me in my decision making.

If you’re like me, you’re in luck – Audio-Technica is teaming up with SGEEK to allow audio lovers to discover their wide range of wireless headphones; one for every kind of lifestyle out there.

For the Fashionistas | ATH-SQ1TW True Wireless In-Ear Headphones
Retail Price: $118 (Check in-store for offers), available on Audio-Technica Official Website

Source: Audio-Technica

The ATH-SQ1TW headphones supports fast pairing with your devices, allows for flexible dual or single-ear usability wherever you are, and the comfortable touch sensor control allows you to play or pause music, skip between tracks, answer calls and adjust volume without having to use your smartphone. 

The intuitive true wireless in-ear headphones are easy to operate, allowing you to enjoy superb audio quality from any source (including music, games and videos) to accompany any kind of lifestyle. The hear-through function lets in ambient sounds to ensure your safety while crossing the road, or listening to your favourite tunes in a cafe while waiting for the barista to call your name.

Its low latency mode ensures a seamless audio experience – with minimal sound delay while watching your favourite shows or games on your smartphone or tablet. Talk about a holistic audio experience! 

Its softly chamfered square design is complemented with stylish colours to match or even spruce up any outfit – perfect for fashionistas!

For the Bass Lovers  | ATH-CKS50TW Solid Bass True Wireless Headphones
Retail Price: $218 (Check in-store for offers), available on Audio-Technica Official Website

Source: Audio-Technica

The CKS50TW truly wireless headphones are cleverly designed with advanced acoustic technology for stunning bass with a securely snug fit that ensures excellent sound isolation. 

What better way to support your bass filled experience, than a set of headphones powered with a high-capacity battery for extended use of up to 20 hours without recharging? Its fast-charging capabilities fuels up your headphones with a solid 90 minutes of continuous playback with just 10 minutes of charging. 

The noise-cancelling and hear-through functions showcase its versatility, where you can enjoy uninterrupted deep bass in a noisy environment (like your gym), and still be spatially aware of your surroundings when walking across the road to grab a coffee from the nearby coffee shop after your workout.

Equipped with Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound technology, 360 Reality Audio treats your ears to a new immersive music experience that places individual sounds such as vocals, bass, instruments and even sounds of live audience in a 360 spherical sound. Talk about the best bass experience money can buy! 

The CKS50TW can be easily connected to the A-T Connect App for compatibility with Sony 360 Reality Audio, custom equalisation and balance control. It also allows you to assign different functions to the buttons on the earbuds.

For the Hustlers  | ATH-ANC300TW Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Headphones
Retail Price: $348 (Check in-store for offers), available on Audio-Technica Official Website

Source: Audio-Technica

The ANC300TW QUIETPOINT® in-ear headphones would definitely make any busy working adult’s heart sing with joy. Striking the perfect balance between comfort, convenience, and performance – the ANC300TW delivers the best sound quality and noise-cancellation all rolled up into a pair of compact, wireless headphones.

Powered with a high-precision digital noise-cancelling processor, QUIETPOINT® technology ensures that even in bustling environments like cafes and offices, you’ll be able to hyper focus on churning out work while being serenaded by your favourite artistes. 

Tap on the Audio-Technica Connect app to select one of three noise-cancelling modes to complement your busy lifestyle. 

  • Airplane mode allows for noise-cancelling against constant low-frequency noise, such as the humming of an airplane engine while you’re en route to your destination on a work trip. 
  • On the go mode helps to drown out noises in your bustling urban environment.
  • Office/Study mode actively tunes out noises that appear in quiet environments such as offices and libraries. 

Boosted with Qualcomm cVc™ (Clear Voice Capture) technology, your headphones will ensure that you can always have clear, natural-sounding conversation with your colleagues and clients, even when you’re on the move. Perfect for the busy working adult!

For the Music Lovers  | ATH-M20xBT Professional Bluetooth Monitor Headphones
S$128, available on Audio-Technica Official Website

Source: Audio-Technica

The M20xBT is your perfect companion outside of work, whether you’re reading, drawing, or chilling. With powerful 40mm drivers, the M20xBT wireless over-ear headphones deliver full range, high-fidelity audio and enhanced bass, allowing you to focus on your favourite tunes without being interrupted. 

A full charge provides up to 60 hours of continuous use, and a 10-minute rapid charge via USB-C connection fuels your audio experience of up to 3 hours of use. What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon, than with your choice of music and the book you’ve always wanted to read?

If you’re chilling in a cafe surrounded by rowdy cafe-hoppers on an idyllic weekend, rest assured that the over-ear design ensures excellent sound isolation. Music playback and volume control is seamlessly integrated into the microphone and buttons built into the left earcup, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of controlling your audio experience with your smartphone.

The M20xBT also comes with a 1.2m cable for optional wired connection.

For the Audio Enthusiasts | ATH-M50xBT2 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
S$298, available on Audio-Technica Official Website

Source: Audio-Technica

Now that the world is gradually opening up, travel is definitely back on the cards for those who have been grounded for the past two years. What better way to take your first trip in a while, than with the M50xBT2 wireless over-ear headphones?

The second generation of the critically acclaimed M-series wireless over-ear headphones by Audio-Technica features enhancements to improve performance and usability without compromising the critically acclaimed sonic signature. 

Equipped with an exclusive 45mm driver and the finest audio components including an AK4331 advanced audio DAC and dedicated internal headphone amp, the M50xBT2 headphones deliver the legendary M50x studio sound with pristine clarity and a deep, accurate bass response. 

Hopping on an airplane or a long commute with not many options to charge your headphones? Fret not! The M50xBT2 headphones allow up to 50 hours of continuous use on a full charge, and up to 3 hours of use on a 10-minute rapid charge via USB-C connection. Say hello to uninterrupted music while on the go!

Control your headphones with the Audio-Technica app to easily activate low latency mode, adjust EQ (and save settings to headphones), switch volume balance between the left and right ear cups, select your desired voice assistant, change codecs, and more. 

The M50xBT2 also comes with a 1.2m cable for optional wired connection.

No matter your preference in audio, the perfect companion to your lifestyle is definitely in this list.

Go forth and explore, and happy headphones shopping!


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