Goodnotes 6 – Yay or Nay?

AI handwriting? On Goodnotes? Say whaaat?

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If you have been using Goodnotes, you’d know by now that it’s a pretty solid app for whatever you may use it for – taking notes during lectures of work meetings, writing out all your study notes while prepping for an exam, or doodling mindlessly while waiting for your dinner to be ready and more.

Highly Customisable Covers and Paper

Let’s take you through the Goodnotes app – with it’s biggest update in 4 years finally here – if you’re not already familiar with it. Starting with designing your very own document – you can choose from Notebook, Study Set, Folder and more. I picked the Notebook option, which then brought me to a page of highly customisable looks to choose from – this was what I went for, the Geometric cover & Blank pages.

Pen Types

I love this so much – the fact that I get to pick my favourite type of pen to doodle / write with? I’m basically sold. But you may not, so let’s see what else Goodnotes has to offer.

Shape Tool

As with other notes / drawing apps on iPad, the Shape Tool on Goodnotes 6 automatically helps to snap a shape to grid – even if you scribble a really ugly one like me – cos come on, who can boldly say they can draw a perfect shape?

AI-Powered Spellcheck

The highly awaited first-of-its-kind AI handwriting capability is finally here on Goodnotes 6. The AI-powered Spellcheck instantly helps to correct handwritten typos in your very own handwriting – all you need to do is to tap on the word with the red dotted line underneath, and a bunch of similar looking words will pop up to make your scribbles more legible to the everyday person. Wow.


The all-new in-app Marketplace now allows you to download new templates, stickers, and digital stationery to be directly imported into your Goodnotes 6 app – making writing notes and random doodling even more interactive and personalised.


Gone are the days where you need to draw emojis and smiley faces and whatnot – the all-new stickers available in Marketplace can now be imported to give your notes that much more pizzaz.

Pardon me as I gush over the stickers for a bit – loving how it adds personality to my notes.

Scribble to Erase

New pen gestures such as Scribble to Erase and Circle to Lasso makes things that much easier – if you made a mistake, like I did there, all you need to do is literally Scribble to Erase your silly mistake.

Scribble over your mistake just like that..

And voila! Mistake erased – and you can now start fresh.


To sum it all up, the AI-powered Spellcheck that rectifies handwritten typos in your own handwriting, new in-app Marketplace for you to download new templates, stickers, and digital stationery directly in app, highly customisable folders and dynamic templates that allows you to fully customise the size and colour of your digital paper, new pen gestures such as Scribble to Erase and Circle to Lasso are just some solid reasons why you should download Goodnotes 6 on your iPad now.

It’s a solid yay for me~

Where To Get Goodnotes 6

Goodnotes 6 is free to download on iOS, iPadOS and macOS, and free to use for up to 3 notebooks.

To unlock the full suite of features with unlimited notebooks, it will only set you back by S$14.98 / year. You can also choose to purchase Goodnotes 6 with a one-time payment of S$44.98.

If you’re currently using GoodNotes 5 that you purchased prior – you’d be able to continue using the app and you’d be eligible for a discount for your first year subscription if you’d like to upgrade to Goodnotes 6.

Get to scribbling, and fall in love with writing / doodling on your iPad once again!


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