4 Wallet-Friendly Products To Spruce Up Your Home This National Day

Having friends over this National Day and on the hunt for the perfect red appliance to fit your home aesthetics? We got your back! Here are some red-themed Philips domestic appliances that would fit perfectly in any Singaporean’s home.

Philips SpeedPro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
S$319, available at Philips Official Website

Source: Philips Domestic Appliances

Equipped with PowerCyclone 7 technology that maintains stronger performance for longer usage (up to 40 min of cleaning power), the SpeedPro Cordless stick vacuum cleaner is one of the most energy efficient choices in Philips’ arsenal. The slim nozzle with side brushes is designed for up to 90% pick-up of dust and dirt in each stroke, and is flexible and easy to manoeuvre – especially when you need to reach dirt underneath low furniture such as your couch. With an integrated detachable handheld unit, you can easily clean your ceilings and shelve tops too! 

What’s better than an energy-efficient, space-efficient vacuum cleaner that’s also red – perfect to keep your house spick and span during the upcoming National Day festivities? The packaging is made up of >90% recycled materials too!

Philips Performer Vacuum Cleaner with Bag
S$449, available at Lazada

Source: Philips Domestic Appliances

If you’re slightly more sensitive to dust and are prone to allergies, Philips Performer Vacuum Cleaner with Bag might be the perfect fit for your home. Equipped with HEPA 13 filter that captures 99.9% of fine dust particles, this vacuum cleaner can also capture pollen, pet fur and dust mites, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. With a 10-meters reach from plug to nozzle, the vacuum cleaner, complete with a highly efficient 2200 Watt motor and 500W suction power allows you to keep cleaning without unplugging. Housing a large 4-liter dust chamber and long-lasting universal bags would also ensure that the vacuum cleaner is energy efficient. Talk about a clean house for your National Day dinner with friends and family!

Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
S$350, available at Lazada

Source: Philips Domestic Appliances

If you prefer a bagless vacuum cleaner, the PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner might be just what you need. Equipped with an allergy filter for 99.95% filtration and an Allergy Lock that traps dust within, this vacuum cleaner can be easily emptied with one hand; while picking up 99.9% of fine dust. Engineered for superior cleaning, this powerful vacuum utilises PowerCyclone 8 technology with an efficient 2000-Watt motor that generates up to 400-Watt suction power. Perfect for healthier, happier living environments to celebrate the nation’s 57th birthday!

Philips Easy Speed Steam Iron
S$39, available at Philips Official Website

Source: Philips Domestic Appliances

To perfectly complement a healthier and happier environment, why not get the Easy Speed Steam Iron to keep your clothes crisp and fresh too? Don’t underestimate this tiny red iron – it’s an affordable and powerful steam iron that removes tough creases and comes with a non-stick soleplate for easy gliding on all fabrics. The 220ml water tank and continuous steam up to 25g/min ensures efficient and good crease removal, and also comes with 4 steam settings for the most optimal results. Equipped with Calc Clean slider to remove built-up scale out of the iron; this makes cleaning it effortless. No need to break the bank for a beautiful red appliance to match your home aesthetics this National Day!

This list of beautifully red domestic appliances will help you make the right choice to spruce up your home – making it extra patriotic this National Day! Majulah Singapura!


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