What’s New for YouTube Premium Users?

YouTube Premium subscribers will soon have access to some new features that will enhance their video streaming experience on the platform. One of them is an enhanced 1080p video quality option that will provide a higher bitrate for videos uploaded at 1080p resolution. This will result in more detailed and crisp videos, especially for those with fast motion and complex scenes.

The enhanced 1080p option will be available on iOS devices in the coming weeks, with a web beta coming soon. YouTube did not mention when it will be available on Android devices. The option will not affect videos uploaded at higher or lower resolutions, such as 4K or 720p, nor will it apply to Live Streams, Shorts, or videos that do not support 1080p.

Another new feature for YouTube Premium subscribers is the ability to watch videos together with friends and family using FaceTime via SharePlay. This feature will let users share their screen and watch YouTube videos in sync with others on a FaceTime call. Users can also control playback, browse videos, and add them to a queue. This feature will roll out in a few weeks on iOS devices.

YouTube Premium subscribers already have a similar feature on Android devices, where they can use Google Meet to co-watch videos with other people, regardless of whether they are paying or free users. Users can also chat and react to videos while watching them together on Google Meet.

Other new features for YouTube Premium subscribers include:

  • Video queuing system: This feature lets users create a list of videos that they want to watch next without having to manually play them one by one. This feature was already available on the web, but now it is also available on phones and tablets.
  • Continue watching across devices: This feature lets users resume watching videos from where they left off across different devices, including iOS, Android, and web. This feature is useful for switching between devices without losing progress or having to search for the video again.
  • Smart downloads: This feature automatically downloads recommended videos to the user’s library for offline viewing when they are connected to Wi-Fi. This feature helps users discover new content and watch them when they are offline or have limited data.

These new features are part of YouTube’s efforts to provide more value and benefits to its Premium subscribers, who pay USD$11.99 per month for ad-free viewing, background play, offline downloads, YouTube Music Premium, and YouTube Originals.


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