PS5 Beta Testers Now Get Discord Voice Chat

Starting today, beta testers in the US, Canada, Japan, and UK can join Discord voice calls on their PS5 consoles. The integration allows PS5 users to link their accounts and transfer calls to the PS5 through the Discord mobile app. Sony is also introducing support for Variable Refresh Rate at 1440p and eother dashboard improvements.

The Discord voice integration on PS5 is similar to how Microsoft introduced Discord support on Xbox. Sony has stated that users need to use the Discord app on their mobile device or computer to initiate the voice chat on their PS5, meaning direct access to Discord servers on the PS5 is not possible without using another device or computer.

Additionally, Sony is enhancing the social aspect of the PS5 by improving the share screen feature and party chats on the dashboard and adding a new tile for “friends who play” so players can easily see which friends are currently gaming.

PS5s have come a long way from perpetually being in waitlist to where we are now. We’re all looking forward to officially get Discord Voice support without using a secondary device. Don’t disappoint us, Sony.


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