Young Horses Surprises Fans With Four Free Games On Steam

Young Horses, the indie studio behind the quirky games Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Bugsnax, has just released four free games on Steam as part of its Free Range initiative. The games are Antbassador, IndependANT, Snakedate, and Octodad: Student Edition.

Antbassador: A game of diplomacy and physics

Antbassador is a game that was originally created for the Ludum Dare game jam, where players control a giant finger in a tophat and try to interact with a colony of ants. The game features physics-based gameplay and humorous scenarios. Will you be able to win the trust of the ants or cause chaos and destruction?

IndependANT: A tech demo for Unreal 5

IndependANT is a new game that was developed as a tech demo for the Unreal 5 engine. It is a 3D open-world platformer where players take on the role of an ant looking for its missing queen. The game showcases the graphics and lighting capabilities of the new engine. Can you find your queen and save your colony?

Snakedate: A parody of dating simulators

Snakedate is another game jam project that puts players in the role of a snake looking for love at a club. The game involves swiping right on a snake-based dating app and then wrapping around potential mates. The game is a parody of dating simulators and features various animal characters. Who will you choose to date?

Octodad: Student Edition: The original version of Octodad

Octodad: Student Edition is the original version of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, which was made by Young Horses when they were still college students. The game is about an octopus who tries to pass as a human and keep his identity secret from his family. The game is known for its hilarious and chaotic gameplay. How long can you keep up the charade?

Download the games for free now

The four games are available for download now on Steam. Young Horses said that these games were mostly developed as side projects and at various game jam events, and that they wanted to share them with their fans for free. The studio also hinted that they are working on something new, but did not reveal any details.


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