Why the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 9 laptop is the best workhorse you will ever need

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With the Covid-19 situation as fluid as the stock market, we are probably going to switch between working from home (WFH) and working in the office as quickly as flipping a prata.

This is why you need a powerful but sleek laptop that allows you to easily transit from home to office or vice versa. A laptop like the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 9.

PRICE: Starting from S$2,803.09 [inclusive of GST] (customisable at Lenovo Store )
PROCESSOR: From Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 (2.40GHz, up to 4.20GHz with Turbo Boost) to Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7 (3.00GHz, up to 4.80GHz with Turbo Boost)
GRAPHICS: Integrated Iris Xe Graphics
DISPLAY: From 14-inch FHD+ (1920 x 1,200 pixels) with option of touchscreen to 14-inch UHD+ (3,840 x 2,400 pixels)
MEMORY: From 8GB LPDDR4X 4266MHz to 32GHz LPDDR4X 4266MHz
WEIGHT: 1.13kg

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 is the fusion of both form and function.

Certified to be on the Intel® Evo™ platform, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 has been co-engineered with the colossal chip-maker to offer an exceptional computing experience.

In case you don’t know, the Intel® Evo™ platform is the result of Intel partnering with top laptop makers, such as Lenovo, to test and design laptops that keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle. These laptops are able to offer remarkable responsiveness, instant wake and long battery life.

This machine is certified to be on Intel® Evo™ Platform.

And the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 is no exception. It boasts the latest-generation Intel® vPro® processors for you to choose – from the Intel Core™ i5-1135G7 (2.40GHz, up to 4.20GHz with Turbo Boost) to Intel Core™ i7-1185G7 (3.00GHz, up to 4.80GHz with Turbo Boost) – as well as Intel Iris Xe graphics processor for fast overall performance.

Just how fast is the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9, you might ask? This powerhouse of a laptop lets you have many tabs on your Google Chrome browser running to handle the different emails, accounts and documents all at one go, while you edit photos for your presentation and answer clients’ queries on WhatsApp or colleagues’ briefs on Slack.

But yet, you can quickly jump into a Zoom video call with the resource-hungry Chrome and other programs running in the background without a hitch or drop in performance.

It looks stunning and offers even more mind-blowing performance.

Essentially, it will help you effortlessly tackle any task your office is going to throw at you.

For even better performance, you also have the option to add more system memory from the base 8GB all the way to 32GB. Not to mention, you can also increase the solid-state storage (SSD) from the base 256GB SSD to a whopping 2TB SSD.

Despite its fast performance, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 is very lightweight at only 1.13kg and measures only 14.9mm thin. This makes it ideal for you to carry the laptop to and fro home, whenever the situation requires.

But do not be fooled by its featherweight and thinness. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9’s chassis is made of magnesium and carbon fibre. These two materials combine to make this laptop strong and sturdy.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9’s magnesium and carbon fibre chassis makes its strong and sturdy.

Furthermore, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 now uses a new one-bar hinge with dual fan and rear venting for better cooling. So, you might be hot at your job but the laptop will not get hot during your working hours.

It features a 14-inch 16:10 FHD+ display with narrow bezels with options for a touchscreen and brightness up to 500 nits. This display comes with low blue light screen, thereby allowing you work on your projects without tiring your eyes

If you require a higher resolution display, you have the option to upgrade to a UHD+ display with 100 per cent DCI-P3 colour gamut.

In addition, the laptop retains ThinkPad’s sleek iconic design that remains the industry standard. You get the same superb responsive keyboard with the familiar red navigation button in its middle as well as a large trackpad.

Despite its sleekness, it comes with all the ports you will need. It features two Thunderbolt 4 ports – with support for data transfer, Power Delivery 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.4a – two USB 3.2 ports, a HDMI 2.0 port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

You can find all the ports you need on this laptop.

Thus, you can easily plug into the monitor – via Thunderbolt 4 or HDMI 2.0 port – in your office or at home to improve your productivity. At the same time, you have other USB ports to plug in your keyboard or mouse.

As we all know, security is of utmost importance. This laptop comes with an updated suite of built-in ThinkShield security solutions to safeguard your device and your data.

It also features a power button that doubles up as a fingerprint sensor to prevent unauthorised log-in and a webcam privacy shutter to ensure no one is watching you.

The power button doubles up as the fingerprint sensor.

This laptop also supports Wi-Fi 6 standard for fast and stable Wi-Fi connectivity. And if your job requires you to be on the move all the time, there is an option to include 5G connectivity with the optional nano-SIM card slot to ensure you are connected anywhere anytime.

With Intel® Evo™ platform powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor and ThinkPad’s sleek and sturdy design, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 is the laptop that represents the ultimate fusion of form and function.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9.

And it is the ultimate workhorse you will ever need. Yet, it is very reasonably priced starting from S$2,803.09.

If you require the extra firepower or additional features, you can can call 800-601-1481 or visit Lenovo Singapore to customise the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9.

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