Ayaneo 2S: A Powerful Handheld PC with Ryzen 7000 Series

Another handheld PC has entered the battle! The Ayaneo 2S. The announcement of the device is the latest offering from Ayaneo, a company that specializes in portable gaming systems. The Ayaneo 2S boasts a powerful AMD Ryzen 7000 U-series chip, which is the same one used by the Asus ROG Ally’s Z1 Extreme CPU. This means it can deliver impressive performance and efficiency in a compact form factor.


What’s New?

The Ayaneo 2S is not just a simple upgrade from the previous Ayaneo 2 model. The company has made several improvements to address some of the issues and complaints of the older device. Some of the notable features are:

  • New three-pipe cooler that can lower the temperature by up to 12 degrees Celsius, making it more comfortable to use.
  • Brighter and more colorful screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which enhances the visual quality.
  • Smoother triggers that offer better feedback and responsiveness for gaming controls.
  • An easier-to-open case that allows users to access and upgrade the internal components, such as the SSD and RAM.
  • A fingerprint sensor that is optimized for fewer mistakes and faster unlocking.

The device also comes with a revamped software launcher called Ayaspace 2.0, which runs on top of Windows 10. This launcher provides a user-friendly interface that lets users customize their settings, access their games, and switch between different modes.

How to Get the Ayaneo 2S?

The Ayaneo 2S is expected to launch in early May, along with another variant called the Ayaneo Geek 1S. The Geek 1S is a cheaper and simpler version of the Ayaneo 2S, with fewer components and a lower-resolution screen. Both devices will be available on Indiegogo with the official launch in mid-May but there is a surprise pre-order in early May. The shipping date is expected to start at the end of June for overseas orders.


The company has not revealed the exact price of the Ayaneo 2S and Geek 1S yet, but it has hinted that they will be competitive with other handheld PCs in the market. The company has also announced that it will offer free speaker upgrades for every Ayaneo Air and free cooling modules for every Ayaneo 2 and Ayaneo Geek, as a way of showing appreciation to its loyal customers.


The Ayaneo 2S is shaping up to be an exciting handheld PC that can challenge the dominance of the Steam Deck and the Asus ROG Ally. With its powerful processor, improved design, and enhanced features, it could be a great option for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite titles on the go.


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