Local TV maker PRISM+ launches its first OLED Android TVs with the Alpha series

Singapore leading TV maker PRISM+ has launched its first OLED Android TV line with its Alpha series.

Previously, PRISM+ has launched Android TVs using LED and QLED display panels. However, OLED panels have the distinct advantage of having deeper blacks and brighter whites. In other words, it is able to provide higher dynamic range. Not to mention, OLED panels are much thinner than its LED or QLED counterparts.

PRISM+ acknowledges the advantages of OLED panels and thus launched the Alpha OLED Android 4K TV series. The Alpha series is available in two display sizes of 55 inches (55AL) and 65 inches (65AL).

The PRISM+ 55AL. (Photo: PRISM+)

Affordability has always been the main attraction of PRISM+ TVs and the Alpha series is no different. While a 55-inch OLED Android TV will usually cost over $2,700, the 55-inch Alpha will retail at only S$1,699. Similarly, the 65-inch Alpha is priced at only S$2,799 with most of its competitor costing around S$1,000 more.

Both Alpha series TV features motion smoothing technology (MEMC) for smooth visuals as well as hands-free voice control. Being Android TVs, both Alpha TVs come with the full suite of Google features including Google Assistant and Chromecast. In addition, they have built-in Google Play Store with over 5000 apps available. So you can download streaming apps, such as meWATCH, Viu, iQiYi, Netflix and others, to enjoy your favourite shows.

The PRISM+ 65AL. (Photo: PRISM+)

The PRISM+ Alpha Series is available for purchase on PRISM+ online store and all authorised online retailers starting from Mar 11, 6pm Singapore Time.

At the same time, PRISM+ also launched two sound bars in Symphony and Flow. The Symphony sound bar is a 760W 5.1.2-channel sound bar with a wireless sub-woofer. It offers support for Dolby Atmos surround sound technology and features a HDMI-eARC port that will allow users to play high fidelity audio. While its competitors usually cost over S$1,000, the Symphony retails only for S$699.

PRISM+ Symphony sound bar. (Photo: PRISM+)

For those with smaller TVs or lesser TV console space, the Flow might be the better option. Furthermore, it is priced at only S$249, thereby making it really affordable to most consumers.

PRISM+ Flow. (Photo: PRISM+)

But the Flow is no slouch being a 240W 2.1-channel sound bar with its own wireless sub-woofer and support for Dolby Audio technology.

The PRISM+ Flow and Symphony will also be available for pre-orders on PRISM+ online store from Mar 11, 6pm Singapore Time, and are expected to ship by the end of this month.

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