Which MacBook Pro would you need – M2 Pro or M2 Max?

Your machine is slowing down, and can’t keep up with all the lightning quick tasks you need to navigate on a daily basis. You’re on the hunt for a new laptop. You’re torn. You don’t know which one you’d need. The MacBook Pro with M2 Pro? Or the MacBook Pro with M2 Max?

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MacBook Pro now comes outfitted with the most stellar performance, out-of-this-world battery life, advanced connectivity, and the best display ever in a laptop. Either the 14″ or 16″ MacBook Pro can be easily customised with the new M2 Pro or M2 Max chip, which take performance and power efficiency to the next level – the highest level imaginable on a laptop.

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As with Apple, everything is made to sheer perfection. Tapping on an industry-leading second-generation 5nm process, both M2 Pro and M2 Max are built with more CPU and GPU cores, more unified memory, and intensely more memory bandwidth than M2. The best part? Both models can achieve this level of performance whether plugged in, or on battery.

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M2 Pro leverages on the supercharged building blocks of M2 and scales its architecture to deliver an extremely powerful chip. Fitted with 40 billion transistors, M2 Pro is designed around a wider and faster unified memory system with up to a whopping 200GB/s of memory bandwidth, and its custom package supports up to 32GB of memory. Not having enough memory space will be a thing of the past.

With up to 12-core CPU with eight high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, M2 Pro’s GPU has 19 cores that will effectively result in a chip that has up to 20% faster CPU performance and up to 30% faster GPU performance as compared to M1 Pro and twice the memory bandwidth of M2.

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M2 Max really does pack a punch – with a crazy amount of 67 billion transistors, double the unified memory system of M2 Pro, up to 400GB/s of memory bandwidth and up to 96GB of memory. Harnessing the same 12-core CPU complex as M2 Pro, its GPU is doubled to a 38-core design amps performance with up to 30% faster GPU performance than M1 Max, and boasts 4x the memory bandwidth of M2.

With a 16-core Neural Engine capable of computing up to 15.8 trillion operations per second, 40% faster than the previous generation and delivering up to a 10x performance boost in machine learning tasks as compared to an Intel-based MacBook Pro, both M2 Pro and M2 Max power workflows that were previously only ever possible on desktops.

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With M2 Pro and M2 Max, both 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro models deliver up to an additional hour of battery life as compared to the previous generation. Both 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro models now also support fast charge – using either the 96W Power Adapter with the 14″ model or the 140W Power Adapter with the 16″ model, you can now charge your MacBook Pro up to 50% in just 30 minutes. No more getting logged off calls in the middle of a meeting due to your MacBook Pro running out of juice!

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MacBook Pro lovers would be over the moon (I know I am) to know that it is now fitted with all of our favourite ports that were removed in the previous version. The SDXC card reader supports the SD 4.0 standard and the latest UHS-I and UHS-II SDXC cards – super useful and convenient for photographers who want to transfer images from their camera to MacBook Pro quickly.

Both 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro come with 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2 on the left side and 1 on the right – making it super easy to transfer data quickly at up to 40Gb/s when connected to high-performance Thunderbolt and USB 4 gadgets.

The HDMI port helps you directly connect to a TV or an HDMI display without the need for adapters. Your MacBook Pro now supports TVs and displays with 4K resolution at up to 240Hz, or 8K TVs with up to 60Hz. It also supports HDMI variable refresh rate (VRR). BRB, crying in fuss-free HDMI connectivity.

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MagSafe is back back back again, with the ever-so-familiar quick-releasing MagSafe 3 port now supporting much higher power delivery into the system to support fast charge.

The 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to connect your headphones with ease, enabling you to get the output and dynamic range on your high-end headphones, fuss-free.

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Photographers, REJOICE! It is now easier than ever to batch edit, duplicate, and store photos on MacBook Pro while on set. The SDXC card slot makes it super convenient to transfer images, and you can now store massive files with up to 8TB of super quick internal SSD storage. The Liquid Retina XDR display allows you to review images in its fullest glory – amazing colour precision, details and all.

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The new MacBook Pro is honestly, such a dreamy machine to work with. Software developers can now be ultra-productive with the game-changing CPU performance that saves time between builds. With up to 2.5x faster compile speeds in Xcode on the 16″ MacBook Pro and up to 4.4x faster compile speeds on the 14″ MacBook Pro, you can squeeze in so much work on the go! Game developers can also now tap on the powerful graphics on M2 Pro and M2 Max when designing and testing out graphic-intensive apps and games.

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Visual effects artists – don’t for one second think that Apple has forgotten about you. You can now run highly complex 3D VFX workflows with the unified memory build that gives you up to 96GB of memory for graphics tasks. 3D artists can smoothly work with extreme geometry and textures in scenes that even the latest pro PC laptops can’t run.

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Are you a video professional? Cos if you are, you’d be ecstatic with the new MacBook Pro. Easily play back up to 10 streams of 8K ProRes video concurrently, and breeze through multicam video editing and post-pro anytime, anywhere. You can now transcode media almost 16x faster than the latest Intel-based MacBook Pro, saving time in super critical moments like when preparing a director’s cut or an edit for your team to review.

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Mmm, macOS Ventura has been designed specifically to take your Mac usage to a whole new level. With M2 Pro and M2 Max, you now get an extraordinary experience using the MacBook Pro on the most demanding apps. Workflow is now effectively enhanced, with an optimised and complex system that assigns multithreaded tasks to CPU cores. macOS also comes with a wide range of new features that MacBook Pro users will absolutely love, including Stage Manager, new Metal 3 technologies, and Freeform.

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14″ or 16″ MacBook Pro? M2 Pro or M2 Max? Your call.

Available on the official Apple Store on 3 Feb 2023, tomorrow – get it here.


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