We tried the Sony LinkBuds for a week and it was really lit!

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There are too many true wireless earbuds in the market that are just “meh”. So forgive us if we are sceptical when the Sony LinkBuds (S$269, available exclusively on Sony Store and Sony Online Store) enter our ears.

The Sony LinkBuds.

However, one week into using the LinkBuds, our minds are blown and our lives can never be the same again. Here’s why we think it is really lit to have LinkBuds in our lives and why you should get them too!

The first thing that strikes us when we open the box is the unique design of the LinkBuds. Its open ring or “donut” design looks like two Polo mints linked together.

The “donut” design of Sony LinkBuds.

However, this design is not for the sake of being unique. It is actually super practical, as it links everything around us together to meet the always-on demands of modern digital nomads like us.

Unlike other true wireless earbuds that might partially block out the surroundings, everything to the outside world can be easily heard through the LinkBuds.

The Sony LinkBuds fit perfectly and comfortably into our ears.

Not to mention, this jaw-dropping design is also groundbreakingly comfortable as nothing is sticking into our ear canals. It comes with five pairs of fitting supporters in different sizes, so there is definitely a pair that will fit your ears.

The LinkBuds come with five pairs of fitting supporters to ensure you will definitely get the right fit.

Once you find the right fit, the Linkbuds will practically stay with you all the time. In addition, the LinkBuds are sweat- and splash-proof. As such, we can wear it all the time anywhere, from the beach to the cafe, without a single tinge of discomfort or worry.

The Sony LinkBuds are sweat- and splash-proof.

As mentioned previously, the “donut” design means ambient sound is always on. As a result, we are always aware of our surroundings, such as errant cyclists or inconsiderate pedestrians, without compromising our listening experience.

Yet, when we pick up calls and talk to our friends using the LinkBuds, they can hear us loud and clear without the disturbance of ambient sound.

Not to mention, you will not come across as rude when your friends or acquaintances try to hail you from behind on busy streets (unless you really want to avoid them). We were able to hear an acquaintance calling us from behind in the busy Orchard MRT station, and we could strike up a conversation immediately while wearing the LinkBuds.

We can hear friends calling us in a busy street.

In fact, we were using the LinkBuds to discuss a project with our clients via video conferencing and we were still able to ask our colleague in the office for certain information without breaking the flow of the online meeting. Yes, the LinkBuds are just that smart.

While other true wireless earbuds’ touch-sensitive exterior might get out of control, we are always in control when using the LinkBuds.

You can tap in front of your ears to control playback and volume.

Not only can we tap on LinkBuds’ exterior to control music playback, we can also tap in front of our ears to do so. This is thanks to its Wide Area Tap feature. There are not many true wireless earbuds that have such a feature, as far as we know. Your friends will go wow the moment you do it.

No more having to take out one earbud when talking to our colleagues.

And when your friends ask you how you are able to do that “non-tapping” of the earbuds, you can reply immediately! This is thanks to the Speak-to-Chat feature. The LinkBuds will automatically stop music playback when it detects we are speaking to someone, and plays music again when the conversation is over. No more having to remove one earbud to stop music playback in order to talk to your friends or colleagues.

With the LinkBuds, we feel we are always in control when we are wearing them. Be it talking to our friends or listening to music.

The Sony Headphones Connect app allows for plenty of customisation.

Moreover, you can have more control by using the Sony Headphones Connect app (available in Android and iOS). It allows us to customise many settings of the LinkBuds. These settings include changing its tap functions, adjusting its equaliser settings and updating its firmware. Some true wireless earbuds do not even let you change equaliser settings.

We have used the Sony LinkBuds for only a week but it has been really lit! It literally lit up our lives!

The Sony LinkBuds will be the centre of your life.

We were really mind blown by LinkBuds’ ability to not only link to our smartphones but also to every facet of our life. You will never miss an incoming phone call or a friendly shout from a friend on the street.

Its always-on functionality mean we can wear it for all our daily activities without ever losing touch with ourselves or the outside world. In short, it is just lit lah!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Sony LinkBuds to be wowed! Furthermore, you get a free S$30 Nike E-Gift Card with every purchase (till 31 March 2022) of the LinkBuds.

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