Razer Kraken BT – Hello Kitty and Friends Edition Review: Cuteness overload

The Razer Kraken BT – Hello Kitty and Friends Edition combines Razer’s gaming hardware with the undeniably adorable aesthetics of Sanrio’s characters, in particular, Hello Kitty.

This Bluetooth gaming headset is bound to turn heads and attract attention. It is perfect for any streamers, or if you like cute things like myself.

Price: S$199.90, available in Razer Store, Lazada and Shopee
Drivers: 40mm
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Weight: 298g

The super cute box the headset came in. (Photo: Nadine Rohan)

The headset comes in a completely pink box, decorated with various Sanrio characters. Inside the box was the headset and a short USB-A to USB-B Micro wire for charging.

Design-wise, this headset is an explosion of Sanrio adorable-ness. The headband has white kitty ears and the iconic Hello Kitty bow in pink. The underside of the headband cushion has the Sanrio family of characters printed on it.

The Sanrio characters on the headband. (Photo: Nadine Rohan)

Following the pink stars along the side of the headband, you reach the pink and white ear cups. The kicker is you have the Hello Kitty’s head on the ear cups, instead of the typical Razer logo. The logo is Razer Chroma lighting enabled, so you can have it shine in any colour you desire.

RGB Hello Kitty faces on the ear cups. (Photo: Nadine Rohan)

Admit it, if you are getting this headset, you are getting it for its crazy cute design. This headset has plenty of details to delight any Sanrio lover, even down to the box it came in.

Build quality is great, even though the headset is mostly plastic while the bow detail is rubber. I tried pulling out the bow, as I was curious whether it was removable. But it did not budge.

The headset is quite light, at only 300 grams. Plus, the ear cups’ cushions are soft. So it is comfortable to wear it for long periods of time. And there is not a lot of clamping force, which adds to the comfort level.

All the controls are found on the left ear cup. There is a button for switching on/off, Bluetooth and playback control as well as a volume wheel.

All the controls are found on the left ear cup. (Photo: Nadine Rohan)

+ Adorable design
+ Plenty of details
+ Lightweight and comfortable
+ Cute RGB lighting
+ Low latency (40ms)

– Unclear microphone
– Sound could be better
– Bluetooth only

The headset can only be used with Bluetooth, and is easily paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Audio settings can be changed with the Razer Audio app (available on Android and iOS).

This headset comes with 40mm drivers, which are okay for gaming purposes. But for listening to music, I feel there is a lack of bass. I had to switch the equaliser settings to ‘Enhanced Bass’ to get enough oomph.

Equaliser settings can be accessed via the Razer Audio app. (Photo: Nadine Rohan)

I also feel the headset does not have a proper seal due to the lack of clamping force. Thus, the highs and mids sound echoey. If I push the ear cups towards my head, it sounds much better. Or maybe my head is too small.

The headset comes with two internal beam-forming microphones, which I tested in a group call with my friends. According to my friends, my voice was quite unclear with a crackling sound. At its S$199.90 price tag, I expected more in terms of sound quality.

The headset comes with a gaming mode, which ensures a low latency time of 40ms. I tested this by playing a rhythm game with my phone. It performed well and my gaming experience was not hindered by latency.

Gaming mode can be toggled on and off in the Razer Audio app. (Photo: Nadine Rohan)

The headset boasts a 20 hour battery life with lighting, and a 50 hour battery life without lighting. I have not charged the headset since unboxing, and it is still going strong after 8 hours of use. So, no complaints here.

The Razer Kraken BT – Hello Kitty and Friends Edition. (Photo: Nadine Rohan)

The Razer Kraken BT – Hello Kitty and Friends Edition is pretty alright sound-wise, but its adorable aesthetics are sure to turn heads.

DESIGN: 10/10

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