The Perfect Holiday Gifting Guide with CASETiFY

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Fret not if you missed out on the 11.11 sale – you still have time to get your loved ones personalized gifts from CASETiFY with its upcoming amazing sales: 12.12 Sale, Holiday Sale and New Year Sale!

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Customizable Cases

Fully Customizable Photo Grid Case for the Sentimental One

This is by far one of the best gifts for a loved one, complete with that personal touch that most commercialized gifts may be missing. 

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You can completely customize any Impact, Ultra Impact or Bounce Case with your loved ones’ milestone photos by uploading the files or connecting to social media accounts to use your selected shots. CASETiFY’s high protection standards and impeccable product quality will ensure that your chosen photos are as protective as they are memorable. Talk about the perfect gift for a special loved one!

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Bounce Case for iPhone 14 Series for the Klutzy iPhone User

This needs no introduction – as one of CASETiFY’s most protective and best selling products, each Bounce Case is made from 65% up-cycled phone cases through ReCASETiFY – bonus for eco-warriors! With an all-new EcoShock™ technology made of 40% plant-based material, each Bounce Case boasts a lightweight design with up to 21.3ft drop protection. Perfect for that klutzy loved one of yours who always accidentally drops their phone. Oops.

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With a lifted camera ring and raised bezel and lens from scratches and scuffs to protect your loved one’s brand new iPhone 14, the Bounce Case can be fully customized with text such as a name or an inspiring motto in different fonts and styles to keep your loved ones motivated daily.

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This is the best gift for an iPhone 14 owner, as its magsafe and wireless charging compatible. 

Check it out here.

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Clear Case with Ultimate Anti-Yellowing Optimization for the Clear Case Fan

One of the biggest pain points for people who love their clear cases, is that clear cases will almost always turn yellow after an extended period of usage. And that’s a huge yikes for most of us for sure. 

The CASETiFY Clear Case was carefully curated for the latest iPhone model to prevent yellowing and provides long lasting clarity to highlight the striking details of the raw beauty of the iPhone. It provides the strongest protection against discoloring in the market, with the UV Defender technology that has been tested against UV light and staining liquids such as mustard, red wine and coffee – all the most common spillages at social events. 

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As if that wasn’t strong enough to convince you, CASETiFY has fortified the Clear Case with a Scratch-Resistant finish, giving its user a clear case experience for much longer than others in the market. 

Check it out here.

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Festive Holiday Collection for The Christmas-All-Year-Round One

We all know that one friend who loves Christmas and looks forward to the festive cheer all year round. We know someone like that ourselves. *Wink*

You know the drill – have a look at the options above and spot the one your loved one would appreciate the most! 

  1. Christmas Cookies Case
  2. Holidays Christmas Trees Case
  3. Christmas Plaid Case
  4. Christmas Gingerbread Man Case
  5. Holidays Pink Sharks Case
  6. Christmas Lights Case
  7. Catmas Tree Case
  8. Meowy Christmas Case
  9. Christmas Kiss Case
  10. Picnic Case by Katie Benn
  11. Yoga Gingerbread Man Case

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Highly Protective Ultra Impact Cases for the Ultra Protective One

The Ultra Impact Case provides an extremely premium level of protection to safeguard your loved one’s iPhone. With an all-new EcoShock™ technology that allows for 20% more protection that the previous qi-tech, its lightweight design can withstand up to 11.5ft drops. 

Similar to the other CASETiFY cases, the Ultra Impact Case comes with a lifted camera ring and raised bezel to protect the phone’s screen and lens from scratches and scuffs. 

With both Magsafe and Non-Magsafe options, the Ultra Impact Case also harnesses DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coating, making it practically indestructible. Of course, don’t go throwing your loved ones’ phones just for giggles please. 

Check them out here

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Impact Cases with Reinforced Protection for the Protective One

The Impact Case makes a good gift for your protective friend, with the same EcoShock™ technology and lightweight design that can withstand up to an 8.2ft drop, and has the same lifted camera ring and raised bezel to help keep your loved one’s phone screen and camera lens safe from accidental scuffs. 

Check them out here.

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Phone Straps for the Hands-Free One

Think of CASETiFY phone straps as the perfect accessory for a brand new phone case. CASETiFY recently launched a vast assortment of straps that come in Utility, Rope, Leather and Metal variants – there’s bound to be one that’s the best fit for your loved one. 

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Other Accessories for the Holistic One

There’s bound to be some of your loved ones who are like us – who like to protect every technological device they have in their possession. Heh.

Help them protect their tech in style with CASETiFY’s new Apple Watch straps, iPad, Macbook and AirPods cases and a huge variety of laptop sleeves

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Sale Details

The holiday sales start with the 12.12 sale from 9-13 Dec 2022 – stay tuned for the specific dates for the Holiday and New Year Sales! 

Be sure to factor in the cut-off delivery dates so that your loved ones receive their personalized gifts in time:

  • Standard Delivery Cut-Off Date: 11 Dec 2022
  • Express Delivery Cut-Off Date: 14 Dec 2022


We’d imagine it would be as fun to personalize a case to capture your loved one’s milestone moments and scroll through endless options of exciting phone straps or watch bands as the perfect gift for this holiday season, as much as it’d be super fun to receive them.. So what are you waiting for? 
Get your shopping list ready and start shopping on CASETiFY!


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