SpaceX’s Crew-6 astronaut mission launch for NASA on track

According to a prelaunch teleconference held by NASA and SpaceX on Saturday, everything appears to be on track for SpaceX’s Crew-6 astronaut mission, with liftoff scheduled for 1:45 a.m. EST (0645 GMT) on Monday.

During the conference, Dana Weigel, NASA’s deputy ISS program manager, stated that the crews were in great spirits and fully prepared for the mission. Meanwhile, Benji Reed, senior director of SpaceX’s Human Spaceflight Program, emphasized that there was still work to be done to ensure a successful mission. Reed asserted that SpaceX would not proceed with the launch until they were completely ready, including ensuring that the hardware was ready and analyzing the data. He also emphasized SpaceX’s commitment to safely bringing the astronauts home to their families.

During a press conference for the crew members, Al-Neyadi shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming mission, expressing gratitude towards everyone involved in preparing them for this journey. Al-Neyadi stated that he couldn’t ask for a better team, as they were fully prepared physically, mentally, and technically for the mission. He eagerly anticipated the launch and looked forward to successfully carrying out the mission.

Check it out – they even made an official trailer for this.


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