TikTok Creators Might Start Charging for Premium Content

TikTok might have a plan to keep growing: help creators make more cash. According to sources, TikTok is developing a paywall feature that would allow creators to charge $1 (or any amount they choose) for access to a specific video. It’s not entirely clear how it would work, but this would be a way for influencers to make money directly from their most popular content.

The social network is also thinking about updating its Creator Fund, as there have been complaints about low payouts. With this new plan, TikTok would require a much larger following (100,000 instead of 10,000), but eligible creators could earn more money. The fund might also reward users who create longer videos that make use of the recently increased 10-minute limit. The company is reportedly testing the new funding system in Brazil and France.

The extra rewards might be a good idea. TikTok’s American user base skyrocketed during the pandemic, but it leveled off in 2022. By introducing paywalls and revamping the Creator Fund, TikTok can keep social media celebrities posting videos on their platform instead of moving to Instagram or Snapchat. TikTok already has a program similar to YouTube where it shares ad revenue, but it’s only available for a select few top-tier users.

I don’t know if it’s just me but this feels a little too similar to another video site that charges a small fee per video. Anything for content, right?


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