Attu Games’ Scarlet Deer Inn: Using Embroidery To Make A Game

Attu Games, the studio behind the acclaimed puzzle-platformer, Feudal Alloy, is gearing up for its next release, Scarlet Deer Inn. The developer has been generating buzz in the gaming community for its innovative approach to animation. Eva Navratilova, the lead developer of Attu Games, recently tweeted that all the characters in Scarlet Deer Inn would feature embroidered animation. The announcement, which was accompanied by a short video showcasing the game’s beautiful visuals, has left many gamers intrigued about how Attu Games plans to pull off this unique concept.

Embroidered Animation: The Process

Attu Games is creating sprite sheets with embroidered animation for Scarlet Deer Inn. The team then scans the sheets, touches them up, and works them into the game. The process is reminiscent of how 2D graphics were created in the past, where physical or digital 3D models were translated into sprites for classic games like Doom and Donkey Kong Country. Attu Games is merely employing an old technique with a new twist. While this is not a groundbreaking process, it is a fresh approach that has never been used before in video games.

Inspired by Slavic Folklore

Scarlet Deer Inn is set in a world inspired by Slavic folklore. Navratilova has stated that the embroidered animation meshes well with the game’s setting. The inherent coziness of embroidered art evokes a sense of tradition and fits perfectly with the game’s folkloric inspirations. The developer’s use of the medium is unprecedented and makes the game all the more exciting.

The Visuals

The embroidered characters stand out against Scarlet Deer Inn’s painterly environments. The game’s crisp blue skies, rolling hills, and friendly-looking denizens of its underworld give off a Studio Ghibli vibe. Attu Games’ presentation is a refreshing change from the standard 2D graphics used in platformers. It offers players a new way to experience the genre.

The Underworld

Scarlet Deer Inn’s world is not just about beautiful landscapes; it also includes spooky caverns that players will eventually venture into. The game’s setting is a perfect fit for embroidered animation. It’s exciting to think about how Attu Games will utilize this unique concept to create otherworldly environments.

Wishlist and Follow

Gamers interested in experiencing Attu Games’ innovative approach to animation can wishlist Scarlet Deer Inn on Steam. Following Attu Games and Navratilova on Twitter is also an excellent way to keep up with the game’s development. Scarlet Deer Inn promises to be a unique and exciting experience that is sure to delight fans of platformers and innovative art styles alike.


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