PRISM+ Symphony Soundbar Review: Gets the Job Done

PRISM+ has always been Singapore’s go to choice for affordable TVs and monitors. With their recent entries into the home audio scene, they aim to be the go to choice for affordable sound too.

Price: S$699, available on Shopee and Lazada
Speaker Output: 5.1.2ch
Connectivity: HDMI (eARC), Bluetooth 5.0, Optical, USB Playback, AUX In
Dimensions: 70mm x 108mm x 1200mm (Soundbar), 420mm x 240mm x 240mm (Subwoofer)

The Symphony Soundbar is the more premium of the two soundbars they carry. This 5.1.2ch soundbar has some impressive specs on paper. This includes Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD.

Compared to other Dolby 5.1.2ch soundbars on the market, the Symphony’s price point of S$699 is pretty affordable. But does its performance measure up? Short answer, it gets the job done.


The set comes with the soundbar and a separate subwoofer unit. Also included in the box are wall-mount brackets, a remote, power cables, screws, a short HDMI cable and batteries (yay!).

The soundbar and subwoofer units.

Aesthetics-wise, I like their sleek look. Most edges on the soundbar and subwoofer are curved which makes them look less clunky. Especially since subwoofers tend to look like a random box in your living room.

I like how the subwoofer connects wirelessly to the soundbar, which saved a lot of hassle during setup. You still have to plug it in for power though.

The subwoofer needs to be plugged in for power.

Ports and connectivity-wise, the Symphony comes with many options. Maybe too many options. I feel that the AUX in and USB playback ports are redundant because of its Bluetooth abilities. My gripe is the lack of wifi streaming, which is the most convenient way to connect mobile devices to a home audio setup.

The many ports on the back of the soundbar.

I do enjoy the multiple HDMI inputs because I can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Also, if you have a TV that doesn’t support Dolby audio functions, you can plug in a compatible device (eg. Apple TV) and still enjoy the Dolby experience.

Ok ok, last point about the ports. Sadly, they’re not recessed enough, so the connections stick out quite a bit. So if you’re into hiding your cables like I am, or want to push the soundbar flush to a wall, you’re outta luck.

The connections stick out of the soundbar by quite a bit.

– Wireless subwoofer
– Cheaper than competitor products in the same range
– Supports Dolby Atmos
– Multiple HDMI inputs

– Lacks WIFI streaming
– Cannot control through an app


The Symphony comes with different preset EQ modes for different media. These modes include movie, music, sport, gaming, and interestingly enough, news. Super convenient for people who want to quickly adjust EQ settings.

Change modes depending on the media you prefer.

I watched Marvel’s Black Widow to see how the Symphony performed with movies and shows. Gunshots, punches, and explosions felt quite impactful. Dialogue sounded clear and distinct. I had to dial up the bass from its default settings for a more full-bodied sound.

With their upward and front facing speakers, I was able to clearly hear the difference that Dolby Atmos enabled soundbars can make. I was super immersed in the action and could hear the surround sound effect.

The Symphony delivers a pretty good listening experience.

Music-wise, the Symphony is good enough for general listening purposes. It has a wide and balanced soundstage, and vocals sound clear and crisp.

Overall, the PRISM+ Symphony soundbar delivered a good audio performance for its price point. While it’s not as good as higher-end soundbars, it is more than adequate for general listening.


The PRISM+ Symphony soundbar is a great option for people who don’t wanna fork out a huge sum of money on their home audio system but still want the Dolby Atmos experience at home.

Features: 7/10
Design: 8/10
Performance: 8/10
Value For Money: 7/10
OVERALL: 7.5/10

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