iPhone MagSafe Wallet Roundup – Apple, Moft and Uniq Creations

Using an Apple iPhone 12 or iPhone 13? Chances are you might have came across magnetic or MagSafe wallets that can be attached to the back of your iPhone.

These MagSafe wallets can store your credit cards or EZLink cards. Thus, it is convenient to snap one of these wallets on your iPhone when you are commuting or jogging. And you will always have these important cards with you.

Here are three wallets from Apple, Moft and Uniq Creations for your consideration.

Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe
S$89, available in Lazada and Shopee

The craftsmanship of the Apple Leather Wallet is superb. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

+ Premium feel and quality
+ Strong attachment to the iPhone
+ New wallets have Find My support

– Expensive
– Cannot be used as a stand

This roundup is incomplete without the original Leather Wallet with MagSafe from Apple. As you might expect, it is superbly crafted from tanned and finished French leather. It feels premium and smooth to the touch.

The design is pretty simple with an embossed Apple logo in front. It is basically a rectangular magnetic sleeve with an opening on top for you to insert up to three credit cards. A hole at its rear allows you to easily push up the cards with your finger or thumb. But that means you have to detach the wallet from the iPhone to do so.

In addition, its magnet are very strong. The wallet snaps into place on the back of your iPhone and is not easily dislodged unless you apply some pressure on it.

You have to remove the wallet from your iPhone to access your cards. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The new wallet features a secure NFC chip which enables support for Find My. Thus, you will be notified of the wallet’s last known location if it gets separated from your iPhone.

Unfortunately, I only have the old Leather Wallet, so I cannot test this feature. Not to mention, this wallet is quite expensive at S$89. Plus, unlike some wallets in the market, you cannot use it as a stand.

Moft Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet
S$39.90, available in Lazada and Shopee

The Moft wallet is really thin. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

+ Affordable
+ Doubles as a stand
+ Can also be used as a handle
+ Thin profile

– Difficult to pry out the cards
– Magnetic connection not very strong

As its name implies, the Moft Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet doubles up as a stand for your iPhone. In front, it has a flap with an hour-glass-like shape that you pull in the middle and magnetically secured to create a stand.

This stand sits the iPhone at a 60-degree angle for you to watch content on it. It is strong enough to sit the iPhone in either portrait or landscape orientation. Or you can try the “floating” mode that props the iPhone in a landscape orientation slightly above the table instead on the table for better viewing.

Not to mention, the flap allows you to use it as a handle. You can run your fingers through the flap for a better grip of the iPhone.

The Moft wallet can be used as for a better grip for your iPhone. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

This Moft wallet is really thin at only 5mm thick. It has a rather small opening on top for you to slot in your cards. While it is supposed to be hold three cards, it is difficult to pry them out as it lacks an opening to push out the cards. I recommend putting two cards for easier removal.

Also, I find its magnetic to be rather weak and can be easily dislodged from the iPhone. But at only S$39.90, it is less than half the price of the Apple’s wallet. So, you can probably forgive it for its flaws.

Uniq Lyft
S$37.50, available in Shopee and Uniq Store

The Uniq Lyft is close to being the perfect magnetic wallet. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

+ Affordable
+ Premium feel
+ Doubles as a stand
+ Can be used as a handle

– Weird placement for card slot opening makes it difficult to remove the cards
– Always out of stock

Uniq Lyft is designed to be everything you want from an iPhone wallet. It has a premium leather feel that is not far from Apple’s offerings.

Yet, not only does Lyft allows you to store your credit cards and attaches to your iPhone via MagSafe, it also doubles up as a phone stand. Its built-in flap lets you turn the Lyft into a stand that props the iPhone in either landscape or portrait orientation at 46 degrees. Plus, the flap can be used as a grip to prevent your beloved iPhone from slipping through your hand.

But unlike most wallets that have the card slot opening on the top, the Lyft has it on one side. The Lyft has quite a big hole – sited beneath the flap – for you to push out the cards.

The side placement of the card slot opening means it is a tad difficult to remove the cards at times. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

However, due to the placement of the opening, I find it difficult to actually remove the cards. Trying to push out the card sideways is more difficult than pushing it out from the top as you need to exert more force. And the Lyft might be dislodged as a result.

Retailing at only S$37.50 or lower (depending on the store), it is the most affordable in this roundup. As such, it is always out of stock, even from its own store. You probably have better luck in Shopee with Malaysian retailers.

Trevor Tan

Started out with dreams to become a street photographer, Trevor Tan somehow became a tech journalist with over 16 years of consumer tech experience. Maybe he plays too much video games and buys too many new gadgets.
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