iPhone 14 Plus: Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Raya Shots!

Raya is fast approaching, and while you’re hustling and bustling to prepare for the festivities, we’re sure you’d definitely want to be ready to capture the best shots of your loved ones in celebration too! Here are some hot tips and tricks to ensure you catch everyone in their best light.

Camera Features to Leverage on

Photo – Grid Turned On

Hot Tip Before You Start

Turn on Grid and experiment with different styles of capturing photos, until you find one that really works for you. Use the grid lines to help in framing your shot. This will help show off a level of depth in the photos you capture!

Shot with Portrait Mode, f16 aperture

For the Perfect People Shots with Portrait Mode

In the midst of of the flurry of action during Raya, you may find yourself struggling to capture your loved ones in their best angles. You can tap on the iPhone 14’s Portrait Mode to snap dramatic photos that you normally need a professional camera for!

Shot with Portrait Mode, f1.4 aperture

If you’re thinking, I know about the automatic blur on the background, but what about all the food and decorations in the foreground? Rejoice, as blur is now introduced in the foreground, making your Portrait photos now look a lot more realistic and professional. Check out a detailed how-to here.

Editing colour on Portrait Mode

For the Perfect Food Shots with Portrait Mode

Capturing the essence of how scrumptious your Raya feast on camera may not be easy, but with Portrait Mode, you can capture incredible detail in your photos.

Adding Background blur on Portrait Mode

You can also edit your Portrait photo after the shot to zoom in and focus on the key highlight of the photo, such as adding blur to the background and adjusting the colour to make all the Satay and Ketupat pop and look extra yummy!

Shot with Cinematic Mode

For Dramatic Shots with Cinematic Mode

You’d know by now, owning an iPhone 14 Plus, that the Cinematic Mode allows you to add that oomph in your videos – think of it as Portrait Mode, but on Video. After you’ve shot your Raya gathering clips, you can easily tweak to adjust focus on what matters in that frame directly on your iPhone 14 Plus.

Shot with Slow-Mo Mode

For Extra Dramatic Focus with Slow-Mo Mode

Picture this – your Nenek is cooking up a feast for the Raya gathering that evening, and you captured the perfect Slow-Mo shot of the action. What can you do to add some flair to the eventual output? Well, plus points to you for already thinking of shooting that footage with Slow-Mo. You can adjust the fps to either 120fps or 240fps for even smoother action, and be sure to capture the video in good lighting. You can adjust various Slow-Mo portions of the video on Photos, by simply dragging the timeline. Voila! Check out a detailed how-to guide here.

Burst Mode – Volume Up for Burst in Settings

For Fast Moving Frames with Burst Mode

Capturing great still photos might be challenging with everyone moving around indulging in the festivities, and Burst Mode would be able to help you with that. Burst Mode captures multiple full resolution photos versus activating the Live Photos Mode and freezing that frame. Pro Tip: Toggle the Volume Up button to activate Burst Mode with ease.

Post Processing of Footage

iMovie – 3 Different Modes

For the Most Seamless Landscape Videos with iMovie

Did you know that there are 3 different modes for you to choose from on iMovie, depending on your level of proficiency? Magic Movie relies on iMovie to help piece together your video through different Themes that you can pick from. Storyboard allows iMovie to guide you on which shots you should put together and in which specific order to make the most coherent video. Movie is for the pros, where you get full control over the timeline and transitions for the video. For collaborative work with others, you can easily share projects via AirDrop.

Assemble Vertical Videos with Clips

For the Best Portrait Videos with Clips

Your iPhone 14 Plus is a powerful device, if you haven’t already noticed. Easily put together different vertical clips, drag to trim your clips to specific frames for accurate adjustments and use Camera to record Memoji clips directly on the app. Fuss free editing, right on your phone.

Grid – Photo Cropping in Post

Editing Photos with Grid

Enabling Grid would allow you to simply go back to photos you’ve captured on your iPhone 14, and edit / crop the photo however you like while keeping to the grid to ensure your photos don’t look too off.

Subject Lift

Subject Lift for Photos

If you are looking to quickly use a subject within a photo somewhere else, long press on the subject and drag to another app. This works best when the background of the photo and subject has very good contrast and separation.

Freeform App

Freeform App for Collaborative Efforts

We all have relatives who are equally creative as we are, and want to work on a collaborative piece of work together – add your loved ones to your workspace on Freeform and see live updates while they work on the same canvas. You can seamlessly create shapes, use Subject Life straight onto your Freeform canvas, include photos, videos, PDFs and even links.

We hope you’re excited to put your best photog and videog skills forward during Raya and impress all of your loved ones! Check out the iPhone 14 Plus here especially if you’re looking to get someone a special Raya gift. *wink*


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