HUAWEI’s AppGallery: The Gamer’s Gateway

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If you are a mobile gamer who always want to be the first to try out new games and grab exclusive in-game goodies, the AppGallery is the perfect gateway for you!

Launched in Apr 2018, HUAWEI AppGallery is now available in more than 170 countries and regions with more than 560 million monthly active users. It has become the third-largest app store in the world.

Explore Huawei AppGallery!

You can go straight to AppGallery’s Game tab where you can find the latest game titles. Not only will you find popular games such as Garena Free Fire, Ragnarok X: Next Generation, Gardenscape and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can be among the first to experience new releases as well as enjoy exclusive in-game gifts and promotions.

For example if you are playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation, from now until 1 Jan 2022, you get five lucky draw chances to win a Huawei MatePad 10.95 tablet with your first five transactions of the day.

Stand a chance to win a Huawei MatePad tablet!

New games recently released on AppGallery included Graffiti Smash (out on 21 Dec) and Hero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles (out on 22 Dec).

In Graffiti Smash, the human race is fighting for survival against the invasion of a mysterious entity known only as “Arc” in an dystopian alternate reality. Eventually, Arc-resistant individuals, known as “Hunters”, began venturing out to reclaim some of humanity’s lost territories. You can compete against other players or team up with other players to crush tough enemies. Either way, you will be on a graffiti rampage leaving a trail of paint!

Graffiti Smash

On the other hand, in the online roleplaying fantasy game Hero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles, you can battle enemies like the Archdemon and his evil army, with a squad of heroes you assemble. You can also play mini-games to gain experience or fight player-versus-player arena battles to dominate the world of Dominion.

Hero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles.

Not to mention, you can look forward some of the new releases on AppGallery, such as Epic War: Thrones and the highly-anticipated Dynasty Warriors: Overlords (真·三国无双霸) that will be officially launched on 19 Jan next year.

This mobile iteration of the immensely successful hack-and-slash fighting game series allows you to be fighting up to 120 soldiers at the same time. This is as if you are playing the game on an expensive gaming console.

You can fight up to 120 enemies in the new Dynasty Warriors: Overlords.

You can make easy pickings of many enemy soldiers with one stroke of your weapon in typical Dynasty Warriors fashion on your own. Or you can play with or against your friends – a first in Dynasty Warriors franchise – in famous battles from the legends of The Three Kingdoms. Not to mention, you can fully utilise the unique skill sets of different characters to fight these battles more efficiently.

You can play with your friends in co-op mode in Dynasty Warriors: Overlords.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords also features improved graphics and animations to make the fighting more realistic than ever. The best part is you can play this triple-A title anywhere and anytime if you have AppGallery on your device.

Furthermore, these new games are just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more coming up soon. And to know more about AppGallery, you can visit here. Better yet, grab yourself a HUAWEI MatePad tablet or any Android device to try out the games in AppGallery. Yes, HUAWEI AppGallery works on any Android device (Android 5 and above)!

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